Why you should travel Vietnam in rainy season?

If there is any country worth visited during a rainy season or monsoon season, which is not a favorable time of world travelers, then that list should include Vietnam. This small S-shaped country can even bewitch you, body and soul during rainy season in a year, with eye-catchy landscapes, unique cultural instinct and stories which warm your heart.

When is rainy season in Vietnam?

Geographically, Vietnam lies entirely within the tropical belt of the Northern Hemisphere and inclines toward tropics rather than the equator. That results in the basis of high temperature of the nation, which averagely falls between 22ºC and 27ºC in a year. Annual average rainfall is from 1500 mm to 2000 mm.

Northeast monsoon makes a slight influence on the humid tropical feature of Vietnam weather: the average temperature is lower than other Asian countries in the same latitude, and this land has a cooler summer and colder winter. Generally, the country is divided into 3 regions: the North, the Central and the South. Basically said, there are 4 seasons in the North and northern parts of the Central which are spring, summer, autumn and winter; there are only 2 seasons in the southern parts of the Central and the South which are dry and wet season. Hai Van pass in Da Nang can be the relative border for the northern and southern parts of the Central.

The monsoon together with the complication of geography also make an impact on the climate diversity in a year, or in the middle of this year to the next year, or in this area with others, from North to South, from lower parts to higher parts. That’s why in almost every articles about notes & tips when traveling along Vietnam can not miss the part of bringing a light jacket with you when being out. You never know when you will experience a cool weather, or suddenly dance and sing in the rain.

The time for rainy season in Vietnam is from April or May and last until October of the year.

Good deals for traveler to Vietnam during rainy season

There are tons of beneficiary facts and features for traveler to Vietnam in wet seasons.

  • Unbelievable cheap travel offers from accommodations, transports to entertainment activities
  • Incredibly less-touristy atmosphere
  • Better service due to low volume of customer
  • Time to go deeper and deeper into the local culture
  • Experience the poetry and picturesque scenery of the country in rainy season which is hardly described by words (See suggested places below)
  • Meet the unexpected natural phenomenon
  • Definitely cooler and a welcome relief for many who don’t want to sweat 24/7

Tips for an interesting travel in Vietnam wet season

People tend to avoid traveling during Vietnam rainy seasons for reasons, and they’re sensible actually. Especially when it comes to South East Asia countries like Vietnam. Therefore, to make your trip the most unforgettable one, below are some handy tips:

  • Check the weather forecast before any plan to avoid serious natural phenomenon such as typhoon, tsunami, flood…
  • Wear convenient and water-proof clothing. Bring a light jacket with you whenever being out in case of rain or cold weather. Cover you things with water-proof bag. A mini blow dryer is a should when coming to those tropical countries.
  • Always have a bottle of fresh water with you to avoid water shortage for your body.
  • Prepare good quality shoes and sandals in case of rain. Better ask locals the specific pairs in Vietnam, like “dép cao su” (rubber sandals) or “Ủng đi mưa” (rubber rainy boots). They are way cheaper and to be honest, better than international brands. Please bear in mind, it’s Vietnam.
  • Always “helmet on” when driving or sitting on motorbike in Vietnam. If you drive yourself during wet season, choose the good bike with mudguard equipped, exhaust pipe, brake, hazard lights… ready. Your safety is higher than your enjoyment this time, so make sure your vehicles are in the good condition
  • Turn Vietnam rainy season into your funny memory. Do you know there is even a Hoi An flood experience tour in Vietnam, when you can take a boat to discover the town instead of cycling as normally seen? See how interesting it is when they adapt the natural features into their unique experience. Take it easy. And make it special.

Where to go in Vietnam wet season?

If you have time to discover the whole package, travel from the North to the South or vice versa by a journey of natural scenery in Vietnam or Vietnam Heritage site. Those are the best ones for you to feel the differences of not only Vietnam climate but also Vietnam culture from north to south, from mountain to ocean, month by month.

For those who insist on travelling during rainy season because you are totally convinced yourself after reading those amazing perks, below are recommendation for you. The time to travel falls between April to October.

April to June

Ba Be lake, Yen Bai province

Ba Be lake scenery is on the spot in June

babe lake


Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh province and Cat Ba island, Hai Phong

Not anyone knows the best time to visit this World Heritage site: Ha Long Bay is in May. Together with it, you can make a visit to the nearby island – Cat Ba island of Hai Phong city.

vietnam is famous in Asia

Ninh Thuan province

Beaches, bays and bikinis! Not only those, indulge yourself in the authentic Cham culture, and feast yourself a fruitful stomach with grapes! Yes, grapes in this land are incredibly awesome!

Ninh Thuan

Hoa Binh province

Time to witness the beauty of the biggest hydroelectric spillway dam of Vietnam in drainage season

You can also visit Thung Nai ( known as “Mai Chau Alternatives”) . This place impresses anyone who sees it from the very first time with the harmonious combination of mountains, lakes and charming houses nestled in between the high hills.

July to August

Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang province

It would be a huge miss if you don’t visit Ban Gioc waterfall this August. The beautiful waterfall became popular as it lies within the border of Vietnam and China.

System of waterfall in mountainous districts, Thanh Hoa province

Mythical, mysterious and less-touristic places are here. Back to thousands year ago with folk stories from locals and enjoy the cool water flow in rainy season of Deer waterfall, Dream waterfall and Cloud waterfall. You can make a trek to Pu Luong mountain, visit ethnic villages and discover Pu Luong national park.

Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province

Prepare yourself well before getting tanned and being “poisoned” by exotic seafood in the city.

Panorama of the city of Nha Trang in Vietnam

September and October

Moc Chau, Son La province

Let’s get to the poetry tea field.

Moc Chau, Son La

Ha Giang province

The must-see this rainy season is buckwheat flower festival

Sapa, Lao Cai province

The highlight is the golden rice terrace in a magnificent green landscape


Anyone talks about Hanoi city in autumn of which the sense is especially particular. What so special about it? Go there and you will know.


Please, don’t visit Hue in dry season. Do discover this city in rainy season. Vietnamese song composers are obsessed with Hue in wet time of the year because it’s way romantic!

Rain in Hue

An Giang province

Let’s visit cultural-mixed Chau Doc city with an unique festival on Sam mountain, mysterious Tra Su cajuput forest, Binh Thien lake well-known as “the heavenly given lake”

Chau Doc city

Dong Thap province

Lotus flower river is not-to-miss discovery spot. They even have a kind of lotus species of which leaves can carry an average person on it! And be amazed with thousands of birds in Tram Chim national park this season.


If you are looking for more places to visit Vietnam in 2018 and see what is weather like in Vietnam then see our Vietnam Travel Guide in each month: 



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Why you should travel Vietnam in rainy season?
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