Vung Tau tourism from A to Z – things to do and what to eat.

Vung Tau has been one of the most attractive destinations of Vietnam. No matter wherever you go in Vung Tau, you can be attracted to its wonderful nature. With our full information below, you can get a great Vung Tau  tourism as you want.

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It takes only 3 hours driving from Ho Chi Minh city to Vung Tau. With 20 kilometers of coastline, Vung Tau has become a favorite tourism site for travelers from all over the world. From this wonderful places, you can easily get a full view of East Sea. Vung Tau is not only famous for its scenic nature but also for its culture as well.

Coming to Vung Tau, you can ease your soul and feel fresh. With majestic high mountains and clear blue sea, Vung Tau will bring you great moment and cozy air during trip trip. There are many things to enjoy, to adventure and discover here.

What is the weather like in Vung Tau?

Vung Tau has tropical climate with two seasons. Rainy season is from May to October, dry season lasts from November to April. And average temperature is 27 ° C.

When is the best time to visit Vung Tau?

You can get a Vung Tau tourism whenever you want. Vung Tau has a great weather with not too hot and cold. You just need some information from weather forecast  to have a great time in this destination. Especially, on holidays or at festivals, this attracts thousands of people coming.




From Ho Chi Minh city, you can have many ways to get to this beautiful places. It is only 125 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh city to Vung Tau, so you can take these 3 main kinds of transportation to get where you want.


If you use this, you can choose one of these two ways:

-First itinerary:

1A avenue -> Dong Nai bridge -> 51 avenue -> Vung tau city

– Second itinerary:

HCM city -> Cat Lai ferry -> Nhon Trach-> 51 avenue ->Vung Tau city

You have to spend 3  to 3,5 hours to get to Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minh city. So you should prepare water and light food to get enough energy for your Vung Tau tourism


From 4 to 8 USD, you all can easily have a good seat in a high quality bus to get to Vung Tau. It will take 2 to 3 hours so you can rest and sleep to keep good health for travel.

  • Eastern bus station at 292 Đinh Bộ Lĩnh, ward 26, Binh Thanh town, HCM city

Contact : (08) 3899 4056; (08) 3898 4441; (08) 3898 4442; (08) 3898 4893.

  • Vung Tau city bus station at 192 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, ward 3, Vung Tau city

Contact : (064) 3859727.

Hoa Mai high quality buses

+ Open tour : Vũng Tàu – Hồ Chí Minh

Time: 4h00 – 17h30 


  • Vung Tau: 0643.531 980 – 0643.531 981
  • Ben Thanh : 0838.218 928 – 0838.218 927

+ Western bus station

Time: 4h00 – 19h00

Booking :

  • Vung Tau: 0643.527 500
  • Western bus station: 01207 226 226 – 01207 227 227

+ Eastern bus station

Time: 4h00 – 19h00


  • No booking online/offline
  • Contact: 0937 756 756

Thien Phu high quality buses

+ Vung Tau city

Address: 04 Tran Hung Dao ward 3 Vung Tau city

Booking:  064. 3 62 52 62 – 0917 35 10 35

+ HCM city

Address:  number 292 Dinh Bo Linh. ward 26, Binh Thanh town, HCM city

Booking:  0917351035 – (08) 35112958

Kumho high quality buses

Address: 292 Dinh Bo Linh, ward 26, Binh Thanh town, HCM city

Booking:  (08) 35.112.112.

Toan Thang high quality buses

Booking: 0908.121.135 –  0908.121.135

High speed trains

You can try the fastest way, to take a high speed train with only 1 and a half hour to get to Vung Tau.

Get on: Nhà Rộng harbor HCM city

Get off:  Cau Da harbor, Vung Tau

Booking:01222 69 69 68

Numbers in need:

– City police: 064 3852361

– Vung Tau post office : 064 3623483

– Le Loi hospital : 064 3832667

– Petro Taxi: 064 3851851

– Mai Linh Taxi: 064 3565656



Vung Tau Maps

(Source: Dinh Tien Dung -blogger)

1.Bai Sau

Vung Tau is very famous for its beautiful coastline. Around this place, there are many hotels and restaurants. That’s why many travellers like Bai Sau during their Vung Tau tourism. You can even adventure Thuy Van road which is as beautiful as Tran Phu in Nha Trang.

2.Bai truoc 

Vung Tau city center is at this site. This has many high buildings and shopping malls surrounding. You can choose  to swim at Bai Sau and spend time to rest and see sunset in the afternoon at Bai Truoc of Vung Tau.

3.Long Hai

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(Source: Webtretho)

Long Hai is  110 kilometers to the north east of Ho Chi Minh city. It means that you have to spend 2 to 3 hours riding your motorbikes to get this in your Vung Tau tourism.Long Hai is famous for its clean blue sea and beautiful coast. You can not only enjoy fresh air, see wonderful sights but also enjoy great seafood in this place. You can also get to Binh Chau hot spring to have a good bath.

4.Ho Coc- Ho Tram

This is also among most visited places in VietnamThese two seas locate in Xuyen Moc district and be attractive tourism sites. With their wild beauty, Ho Coc and Ho Tram can help you adventure great things from white sand coast to scenic beautiful rocks nearby.

5.O stream

One more part of Vung Tau you must know is O stream, which is in Binh Chau village,  Xuyen Moc distric. It is very close to Binh Chau hot spring, only 3 kilometer. The fact is that this sea has both fresh water and salt water. It is among top rare seas in Vietnam. So why don’t you try to discover this at least one? You can have a wonderful Vung Tau tour and get good health after having a bath.

6.Con Dao 

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(Source: PinKuLan)


Have you heard about Con Dao Island ? This must see in Vung Tau, Vietnam is very popular to the world. With clean pure water, high cool coconut trees and white sand coast, no one can ignore Con Dao beauty. Many travelers try to get great time to spend holiday in Con Dao just to adventure its wild nature and immerse themself. This can be considered tourism heaven in Vietnam.


What will I do in Vung Tau? Where should I visit? These questions seem to be important to any travellers before going. Vung Tau has many amazing places to visit, you can have a full list of them right now.

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1.The Statue of Gautama Buddha

This pagoda is on the Big mountain slope of Vung Tau. This i famous for its sights and architecture with very huge statue of Buddha and octagonal tower. From even long distance, you all can easily see the statue and famous tower.

How to get there? You can go from Le Loi street then continue on Tran Phu street and get to Bai Da and walk a bit more to get to this pagoda.

2.Staute of God spreading his hands

Visiting this statue is among top must see in Vietnam. This statue was built in 1974, in the peak of Small mountain. The statue is more than 30 meters in height, with arm span about 18,3 meters. At the height of 170 meters to sea level, this is a great place to get a good view of Vung Tau. You can also walk inside through 133 steps to get the highest position of the statue.  Well, like you were in Rio de Janeiro of Brasil, right!

3.Villa Blanche

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Source: Wikipedia


This Bach Dinh ( Villa Blanche) was built in 1898. It was a construction with Roma style, leaning againts Big Mountain.Villa Blanche has 3 floors, 19 meters in height. There are 19 cannons kept here. You can get to number 10 on Tran Phu street to visit this building.

4.Ho May tourism site

Where should I visit during my Vung Tau tourism? Of course among most visited places is Ho May tourism site. This is an interesting place in Vung Tau to discover during your trip. You can adventure this wonderful destination with slings to be safe and fast. You can also enjoy many funny games to ease yourself and get fun. If you go with your children, this should be in list of your must visit places in Vung Tau. Children can play together with many games such as train game, water park, air plane.

5.Dinh Thang Tam relic

In this relic, you can not only visit Ngoi Tien Hien and Lang Mr Nam Hai, but also visit Mrs Ngu Hanh shrine. There are many places to discover in this relic. Dinh Thang Tam is located at 77A Hoang Hoa Tham street, Thang tam town, Vung Tau city. This is always in list of most attractive places in Ba Ria, Vung Tau.

6. Niet Ban Tinh Xa

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Different from other pagodas, this Niet Ban Tinh Xa is a modern pagoda 1969. It is considered one of the most beautiful pagodas in Vung Tau. You can visit this and enjoy great view from its position to the sea.

7.Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva pagoda

Among most visited pagodas in VungTau is Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. This is a small pagoda with a great statue 16 meters in height. Many Buddhists come here to pray and take pictures. This is small but very appealing to travellers. You can see the statue from a far distance in the city. It is from Bai Dau 500 meters. So  you can walk along to enjoy the air and see natural landscapes.

8.Linh Son Co Tu pagoda

Which is the oldest pagoda in Vung Tua? The answer is Linh Son Co Tu. You should not miss this durin your Vung Tau tourism. This has a big statue with 1,2 meters in height. All the statue is decorated with gold. You can see this great architecture at 61 Hoang Hoa Tham.

9.Vung Tau Lighthouse

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This 2 floor house welcomes many travellers from all over the world. You can easily get here from Vung Tau city. From this destination, you can get deep understanding about local life, especially lighthouse keepers. From this, you can have a great view to see all Vung Tau city and beautiful beaches.

10.Long Son Big House 

This is also called Mr Tran temple. It was built long time ago and keeps its ancient architecture. Along the way, you can see old bricks and valuable woods. This temple has 3 parts: Temple; synagogues, schools, markets, the Ghe Sat and Mr Tran Tomb. It is located under Dua mountain, village 5, Long Son commune.

11.Ancient weapon museum

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This ancient weapon museum is built by Robert Tay-lor and his wife. Many travellers consider this the most incredible museum of Vietnam. Being open in 2002, until now, this has become popular to many both local people and foreigners. You can enjoy 500 dummies in this museum. They are wore clothes and weapons like soldiers. You can also see more than 1000 swords and guns, and listen to many stories related.

12.Hon Ba island

This Hon Ba island is famous for its white sand coast. Along this island, you can all immerse yourself with nature. You can see many people come here to pray at the shrine. This shrine in fact was built by budget of a man named Minh from center of Vietnam.

13.Upside down house 

Upside down house 

(Source: Vietnamnet bridge)

One more fantastic experience during your Vung Tau tourism is to visit upside down house. This type of house is very strange, that’s why many  want to come and visit this. Upside down house in Vung Tau is a 3 floor building with 2 parts for visiting and coffee. You can have great places to take best pictures. This allows you to take great photos in 7 rooms, which are beautiful and nice. You can get to number 66 Co Giang, ward 4to enjoy this amazing experience.

Besides its furniture, upside down house is very featured by its design. Everything inside is upside down. You can walk on the roof instead of the floor. And you can see these things are on air above your head. Such thing like that makes upside down house a very interesting place to visit and discover during your Vung Tau, Vietnam tour. Many travellers like this because it makes them feel like they were out in the milky way. Of course, you can get wonderful pictures as much as you want.

To visit upside down house, you can get to number 66 Co Giang street, ward 4 in Vung Tau city. It is just some dollar for a fantastic trip!You can spend time from 6 am to 10pm to discover this place.



Festivals in Vung Tau
Festivals in Vung Tau


There are many festivals held in Ba Ria-Vung Tau every year. They are traditional festivals which express local people life and culture. Many travellers come here to join and to be a part of them. This list below will introduce you some famous festival to be discovered next time.

1.Death anniversary of Tran Hung Dao 

On 20th of August lunar calendar, local people hold this festival to express their love and admiration to the hero of nation:Tran Hung Dao. This is held at number 68 Ha Long, ward 2 in Vung Tau city. This has become a popular festival, attract many come to take part in.You can join us and play many games and activities to know more about Vietnamese patriotism.

2.Dinh Co festival 

Dinh Co is a very huge architecture with traditional style. This is located near Long Hai beach. From 10-12 in February lunar calendar, this Dinh Co festival is held. You can not only join many activities but also see beautiful sights during your Vung Tau tourism.

3.Ong festival 

Every year, Nghinh Ong festival is held at Ca Ong mausoleum on Hoang Hoa Tham street. This last 3 days from 16th to 18th in August. This is the biggest festival of fishermen in Vung Tau. This is considered one of 15 biggest festivals of Vietnam. Do not miss this wonderful  time!

4.Thang Tam temple festival 

vung tau tourism

Vung tau tourism

This is a long festival, lasting for 4 days from 17th to 20th in February lunar calendar. This time is very important to local people. They pray for peace and good harvest. They hold many activities such as singing and lion dance. You can listen to their beautiful voices and also see many music instruments. This is not allowed anyone who has relatives dying.

5.Ms Ngu Hanh shrine festival 

This is held  for 3 days from 16 of October. This is a very big festival, attracts many people to come. You can know more about Vietnam religion during their customs in this festival.


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(Source: webstagram)

Vung Tau culinary is very featured. You can taste many good dishes from seafood to coffee and Europe dishes. There are many restaurants and places for you to have a great meal ever.


Luxury Restaurants:

– Gành Hào:

This is a big restaurants with many rooms and wide places. If you go in groups, you can choose this to enjoy Vung Tau dishes. Not only having  great menu, this restaurants can give you more than that. This helps you to enjoy Vung Tau beauty even from the restaurant. There are about 100 kinds of dishes served in this restaurant. You can get to number  3 on Tran Phu street, ward 5 or at number 9 in Ha Long, ward 2.

– Thanh Phat 1 seafood: 

This restaurant will serve fresh seafood according to customer demand. You can choose what tyou want to enjoy and then they will check the money. The address is at 334 on Tran Phu street, ward 5 of Vung Tau.

-Bamboo restaurant:

This is among top most luxury restaurants in Vung Tau. But it is worth because their food is great.  You can try best dishes such as hotpot and salad. Their address is at 411 Thong Nhat road, ward 8.

– Lam Duong seafood:

One more wide restaurant to choose is Lam Duong seafood. You can visit and enjoy food at number 125B Tran Phu, ward 5.

Normal restaurants:

vung tau toursim

– Natural snail  2:

Delicious food, cheap price and good view is what about this restaurant. Snails are must try food in Vung Tau, so, do not miss wonderful meals at natural snail 2. If you want to try  their food, get at number 34 Tran Phu street.

– Natural snail :

Wide view and reasonable price, this is at 245 Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau city.

– Kim Anh:

This helps you save much money for Vung Tau culinary. You can try many good food at reasonable price. This is behind Imperial Vung Tau, on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Thang Tam ward.

– 5 floor snail: 

This location is easy to find out. You can sit inside our outside to see normal life. There are many dishes from snail and good price. The address is at A12 Nguyen Thai Hoc.

– Ms Nen BBQ:

Food is good and good menu. You can see beaches in front of the restaurant. If you want to get there, take cars and get off at number 6 on Tran Phu street.

– Luoi seafood market:

Fresh air and seafood. You can buy to take home  to cook for families.  This is at the cross of Nguyen Cong Tru and Phan Boi Chau.

2.Khot cake

vung tau tourism

  • Ms Third Vung Tau

This is very famous with great view and wide place. This is at number 1 Hoang Hoa Tham, ward 3.

  • Ms Second Khot cake

This small place not only served Khọt cake but also oyster soup. You can get to number  42 Trần Đồng, ward 3 to enjoy.

  • Khot cake 41

This is very delicious shop at 24A Tran Dong, Vung Tau

  • Millet tree Khot cake

This is among top most famous Khot cakes in Vung Tau. This is at 14 Nguyen Tuong To, ward 2.

  • Khot cake Ut Loan-Ba Trieu

This  serves fast and good food. The address is at 67 Ba Trieu, ward 4.

3. Ray hotpot

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– Truong Dinh ray hotpot

This tastes well with  good menu. Cheap. 40-44 Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau city.

  • 7 Luom seafood

Wide place, good view, nice wall and great price. Number 37 Nguyen Truong To, ward 3

– Ut Muoi

This has great hotpot and wide place. Number 16A Truong Cong Dinh.

4.Salted egg curstard cake

vung tau tourism

– Power pole sandwich- salted egg curstard cake

These cakes are soft and aromatic. You can buy some during your Vung Tau tourism. Number 17B Nguyen Truong To, ward 2

  • A Ty salted egg curstard cake

Cakes are delicious, fresh and cheap. Number 6 Do Chieu, ward 1.

5.Other restaurants

  • Rice at Hoa Huong Duong restaurant
  • yogurt at Fairy shop
  • salad at Mango garden restaurant
  • noodles at 376 Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau
  • many other good food at 648 Truong Cong Dinh


vung tau tour

(Source: webstagram)

Milla Nakedsoul

This is not really a coffee shop but it serves cocktail and beer. But this is a great place to take photos because it has many good corners. You can get at number 30 Ha Long, ward 2 in Vung Tau to visit this.

The most interesting of this coffee is great view to see sunset. The price is cheap. Worth to try one! Only after 5pm can you come to this, but you can stay longer until 11:30pm

Bohemiens Coffee

Located on a corner of Ba Cu road, this Bohemiens Coffee shop  is small and quiet. There are many ancient things here such as old TV, flights, cameras. You can feel peaceful here and take time to rest after long day walking. From 1 am to 10 pm, you can visit this at number 155/2 Ba Cu road, ward 4.

Black & White Coffee

With  modern style this coffee is great with two colors: white and black. You can see that this is very cool during hot days and it has cheap price from  1 to 3 dollars. You can get at 91 Ba Trieu, ward 4 to enjoy coffee here.

La Vie En Rose Coffee

vung tau tourism

A its name, this is a great place to see for anyone loving romance. You must like this soon because it is desighned with pure glasses, which helps you much to  see how life is going. If you sit outside, you can even watch beaches. their address is at number 6 Ha Long, ward 2 in Vung Tau.

Ngoc Tuoc book coffee

This is a good choice for you to read book and enjoy drinks in your Vung Tau tourism. You can get at 9/9 Thi Sach road, ward 8 to read as many books as you want. The atmostphere is cozy and you even can walk around to reduce stress.

Tree House Billiard & Coffee

This  is a great small forest with many trees around. You can be close to nature and enjoy drinks at this. One more thing is that there is a big tree in the center of Tree House Billiard & Coffee, which helps you feel cooler. This coffee shop  has many good view to take photos. Number 97 Tran Hung Dao, Phuoc Nguyen ward.

UP Garden

In a small corner, this coffee shop is a small garden with grass and plants. You can enjoy delicous food and drinks at 381/4 Cach Mang Thang 8, Phuoc Nguyen ward in Vung Tau.


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(Source: Webstagram)

God spreading hands

This is Vung Tau symbol for long time. Any travellers coming to Vung Tau want to take photo at this statue. Can not ignore this, you can get to Small Mountain and  see the biggest Asia Jesus statue. This is a must visit place in Vung Tau tour.

his huge statue of Jesus is located on Mount Nho in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Bach Dinh building

This is close to Bai Truoc, for about 1 kilometer. You can walk along the way to get this beautiful place. This is chosen to be one of the most places to take photos in Vung Tau. Both modern and ancient style mixing together will helps you have wonderful pictures.

Vung Tau lighthouse

This is not only in list of must see in your Vung Tau, Vietnam tour but also a great place to take photos. Great view at high position will help your pictures amazing and fantastic!

Pineapple land

vung tau tourism

This is a very beautiful beach in Vung Tau. Bai Sau and Bai Truoc are very attractive with its beaches, this pineapple land is  different with romantic landscapes and quietness.

Rocks at Bai Truoc

This is amazing with different sizes and shapes of many rocks. This can make you have unique pictures to share with friends.

Tram lake

This destination is a great site to rest during your Vung Tau tourism .It keeps its wildness and natural beauty. With clean blue sea and white long beach, you can immerse yourself and take  wonderful photos to see later.

Ho Coc sea

vung tau tourism

Together Tram lake, Ho Coc is also great to save  your best moments. Especially, if you want to have unique wedding pictures, you can get here to make this come  true. You can even adventure a  forest before reaching this.

With great volume information like this, you can easily have a wonderful Vung Tau toursm this year. Get ready and start your journey with us!


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