The Story of Worldwide Famous Coffee Drink – Vietnamese Egg Coffee

You might think it will terribly smell when you put eggs in a cup of coffee. And therefore, Vietnamese egg coffee must be the very last option you should make in your Vietnam tour. But it is really the opposite when trying egg coffee must be the very first thing you should do in Hanoi.

The entrance of a Vietnamese egg coffee shop

For the first time when I come to Giang coffee, I wonder how a cup of coffee with eggs can be so famous that it can make the brand for Vietnamese drink in the world.  But then I have known that besides the good taste, there are so many more interesting stories about this drink that make it one of the best coffee in the world.

Giang is one of the most famous destinations to try Vietnamese Egg coffee

A family’s traditional work

Visiting Giang coffee – the first egg coffee shop in Vietnam, you will have the chance to hear about how egg coffee was created and how it had changed.  Nguyen Chi Hoa (62 years old)- the owner of Giang coffee is the eighth son, also the youngest son in a family in Hanoi. His father, Nguyen Van Giang (who died in 1987) was a chef in the Metropole hotel in France. Used to make very expensive cappuccino for foreigners with coffee, cream, milk scum, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang had tried to make a delicious, attractive and not costly drink for Vietnamese from fresh and traditional ingredients such as chicken eggs, coffee, and milk. And he got success when in 1946, at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, he started to serve this strange, delicious and healthy drink in Hanoi.

At first, only the youngest Nguyen Chi Hoa follows his father food step and opened Giang coffee from age 17.

But then, after a long time working as a teacher, an older sister of Mr. Hoa also decided to open a coffee shop on the 2nd floor of a house on Dinh Tien Hoang street that is Dinh coffee. Dinh coffee has quite a beautiful view looking to Hoan Kiem lake.

Next, one brother of Mr.Hoa, after practicing mechanics, also opened a coffee shop on Yen Phu Street following his father and younger brother’s job.

People try Vietnamese Egg coffee in Giang cafe

A standard cup of egg coffee

If you visit a Giang coffee shop, you can find that the price of a cup of coffee is quite cheap.  Mr.Hoa, the owner of Giang coffee explains that the value of a cup is not the amount of money you spend, but the satisfaction of the user. For many years, that philosophy of the coffee shop owner in 39 Nguyen Huu Huan has never changed.

To make it delicious, before pouring the dark coffee into the cup, the maker has to hand-wipe chicken egg with milk, sugar, which will form a beautiful and fragrant aromatic foam.Mr. Hoa said that the raw materials for making coffee are fresh eggs, sugar, milk, coffee and many other things that are secret.

People put the cup of coffee on another cup of hot water aiming to keep the drink warm. First of all, you should take a little sweet cream on top of the coffee, then slowly enjoy the lower part of the coffee, which make you feel the sweetness, fatness, and bitterness of the drink.

According to the shop owner’s stories, in the past, eggs are only wiped by hand, it, therefore, took a lot of time and eggs cream cannot firm as using the machine, and only hot egg coffee is available. Today, when the eggs have been wiped smooth and firm with a machine, the shop serves more types of drink such as egg ice coffee, cocoa eggs, green bean eggs, green tea eggs, etc.  in hot or cold depending on the guideline of each person.

The old town in the modern city

Drink a Vietnamese Egg coffee cup in Dinh cafe is a great option

Even though there are many places offer Vietnamese Egg coffee, you can find Giang coffee shop has unique features of the old town in Hanoi. Giang coffee shop has a narrow alley entrance. But inside the house, you can find a spacious and airy space decorated with many trees and old objects. The old paintings, watches, ceiling fans are nearly 80 years old. Nguyen Chi Hoa said all these old furniture belongings his family integrity from his father. Different from many cafes in Hanoi that use modern lounge chairs, you can find in Giang coffee rustic wooden chairs that make you remember Hanoi in the old days.

4 famous destination to try Vietnamese egg coffee

  • Giang Coffee: This small corner probably became very familiar to those who “addicted” coffee egg. Giang coffee is different from the other three and the first place in Hanoi offering egg coffee. Egg coffee in Giang coffee is unique thanks to the delicately flavored coffee and the aroma of egg yolk with sweet cream. All of that ingredients make hot, fragrant, passionate cup of coffee. Giang coffee plays an important role in making the drink become a famous drink of Vietnam. Beside traditional egg coffee, Giang coffee also offers eggs cacao made from an egg with a layer of cocoa powder on top. Those who are good believers will surely love cacao eggs than egg coffee. Each cup of coffee or cacao egg in Giang is about 30,000 VND / cup. There are 2 branches of Giang coffee including Giang coffee in 109 Yen Phu and Giang coffee in 39 Nguyen Huu Huan.
  • Dinh Coffee: Dinh coffee is established later than Giang coffee for quite a long time. But it is no less famous with special coffee flavor. In addition, it is located in the prime location in Hanoi center in an old French mansion tinged with color and space like in the old time. Vietnamese egg coffee in Dinh is not placed in a bowl of hot water as in Giang, but only a tiny cup, set palm palms. This shop also offers egg cacao that is sweeter than those in Giang coffee, but the eggs in the drink are fragrant, softly waxed with sweet cocoa. In an early summer, sitting in Dinh café, listening to old music, watching the street bustling change, enjoying a cup of coffee are an interesting experience for nostalgic people who love old things. A cup of egg coffee in this shop cost from 17,000-20,000 VND.

Try Vietnamese egg coffee in 11 Hang Gai will give you both the view and the taste

  • 11 Hang Gai Old Town Coffee Shop: In 3 famous Vietnamese egg coffees, egg coffees at Old Quarter Café appear the latest. You will be impressed not only by the taste of hot coffee here but also by the nostalgic space and peaceful air of the shop. Many people love coffee here because it’s beautiful represented and delicious taste. Price of drinks at Old Quarter coffee range from 30,000 to 60,000 VND depending on type.
  • Loading T No. 8 Chan Cam: Loading T is also a good place for coffee in Hanoi. It joined Giang and Dinh in a video introduction of CNN about Hanoi egg coffee. Café impressed you by the ancient space of the ancient French villas. Coffee egg here is a lot of foreign tourists love, by eye-catching decoration as well as delicious taste. Especially for those who love the taste of ancient cuisine but fascinated French architecture in Hanoi 30 years ago, Loading T is the first choice. Prices for drinks at Loading T range from VND30,000-50,000 depending on type.


The Story of Worldwide Famous Coffee Drink – Vietnamese Egg Coffee
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