Vietnam & Cambodia 14 Days Tour Reviews: It’s not a tour, it’s “the tour”

We received such a heartfelt and inspiring letter after the Vietnam & Cambodia 14 Days Tour from our lovely guest, Mr. Robert Wyatt. We’re more than proud to share his words.

vietnam cambodia in 14 days

Having served two tours in Vietnam during the war, I had always liked the country and people, and this was my first opportunity to visit a country I had last seen almost 50 years ago. I combined it with a short stay in Cambodia. While my comments are primarily about the Vietnam portion of the tour, everything I say pertains to the 4 days I spent in Cambodia as well. I loved the friendly people and was highly impressed with their English language skills. They are highly impressive countries that deserve more time that I was able to devote this visit. I plan to return.

vietnam cambodia 14 days
Admire the world’s wonder Angkor Wat

I have been on many tours in my life, and this trip was exceptional in every way. I have told friends and family that it was the tour of Vietnam, not a tour, the tour. Anyone deciding to travel to Vietnam, with a short diversion to Cambodia, would do be well advised to do the exact same trip I just completed.

I credit Ms. Phi Mai of Asianwaytravel for considering my wishes and planning the perfect trip for me. Her attention to detail from our first contact through the end of the trip insured a memory of a lifetime. Everything happened exactly as planned, on time. (The only exception was a cancelled flight in Cambodia which is impossible to control, unless you own the airline.)

asianway travel review
Mr. Robert Wyatt in Ta Prohm

I told Ms. Mai that I wanted to learn the culture, history and lifestyle of the Vietnamese people as thoroughly as can be expected in a couple of weeks. I believe that even in that short period, this trip did just that. I learned history of the beginning of the nation to its current state – again, considering the short period I had available. Experiences included taking part in becoming a rice farmer for a day – from plowing through the harvesting. The tour was entertaining, educational and just plain fun. In short, the variety and extent of experience was incredible.

vietnam cambodia 14 days
‘Be a rice farmer for a day’ experience in Hoi An

All guides were knowledgeable and, more importantly, capable of sharing that knowledge with me – articulate with excellent language skills. In addition to great primary regional guides, and I had four in total, the local guides were equally capable. These guides made the entire journey pleasant and educational. I spend hours riding in comfortable cars, enjoying the local scenery and discussing the culture and history with these guides. Usually, these road trips are merely a way to get from point A to point B.

vietnam cambodia in 14 days

Accommodations were, for the most part, luxurious – one room had two showers plus a bath. Even those that cannot be classified as luxurious were more than just comfortable. Hotels and homestays had the best possible and friendly staffs that were ready to accommodate their guests. I could not have been more comfortable in any of my stays. They were more than just a place to sleep.

As I said, I spent hours riding by car from location to location. It was not, as feared, boring. This is the way to see and experience the country first hand. And while much of the credit goes to the excellent guides, I was impressed by the drivers who were helpful, competent and safe. We often overlook their contribution to our travels. In reality, they hold our lives in their hands and should not be forgotten.

I did have one glitch during the trip. As mentioned, one of my flights was cancelled and delayed my arrival at my destination by four hours. I, frankly, thought the planned experiences during that time were lost and considered how to compensate for the lost time. Unnecessary since my guide met me at the airport with a revised plan. He rearranged the tour to ensure I missed nothing. Who could ask for anything more?

It was as great a trip as it sounds. Hard to believe? Believe it.

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Vietnam & Cambodia 14 Days Tour Reviews: It’s not a tour, it’s “the tour”
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