Sa Dec Travel Guide to Make Your Trip Extraordinary

For a long time, Sa Dec, Dong Thap is particularly famous for its natural scenery and rich culture. But have you ever wondered why this romantic and charming little town which is not very touristy, still a true hidden gem in the Mekong Delta attracts more and more visitors? Let’s find out with us!

Sa Dec
The Ultimate Travel Guide to Sa Dec Town

Things to see and do in Sa Dec, Dong Thap

Dong Sen Thap Muoi

Location: My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi District, Dong Thap Province.

You can say lotus flower is the symbol of Dong Thap’s tourism. Countless lotus blooming in the pond makes Dong Thap a breathtaking natural landscape in the Mekong Delta region. This flower has the noble beauty that symbolizes health, honor, and knowledge. That lotus flowers grow in a muddy pond but toward the sun makes it a sacred flower of Buddism. Many tourists say that they find peace and serenity in lotus fields. It seems like their fatigue and stress disappear right the time they see blossoming lotus.

“In a pond, nothing is more beautiful than a lotus

Green leaves, white petals, with yellow pistils

Yellow pistils, white petals, and green leaves

Grow in the mud but reek not of mud.”

Do not miss this chance of leaving all the stress and burden of city life and enjoy this peaceful moment with aromatic and beautiful lotus ponds. The best time to visit Dong Sen Thap Muoi is from July when lotus starts blossoming. Tourists and locals can sail a boat in the pond and locals can show you how to pick lotus, you can also learn how they catch fishes.

Sa Dec
“Thap Muoi dep nhat bong sen”

Moreover, You can enjoy numerous local specialties which are Lotus-based dishes and drinks in Dong Thap. Some of the famous dishes are rilled loc fish wrapped in young lotus leaf, rice field rats, braised fish, hot pot made from fish sauce and sweet lotus soup and even “lotus milk”!

Sa Dec colorful flower village

Flowers are a part of almost every beautiful landscapes and always inspire humans to see their beauty in nature through ages. Sa Dec may be an ideal destination for flower lovers to come and see in a bright, sunny surrounding.

Sa Dec
Famous Sa Dec Flower Village

Sa Dec flower village is one of the biggest flower centers in the South of Vietnam. It is located by the bank of Tien River, covering an area of 600ha of flowers and ornamental plants. In blooming season, you can call this place “ a kingdom of flowers”. The special thing about flowers in Sa Dec is that they are not planted on the ground but in bamboo baskets to avoid submersion. 

Tourists would be surprised by the beauty of a never-ending horizon of colorful blossoms here. Sa Dec is famous for its rose garden which is home to more than 50 kinds of roses: which are grown here then transported daily to Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. You can also see priceless hundred-year-old bonsai which are made by skillful, talent hands of artists here with beautiful and uncanny forms.

The best time to visit flower villages in Sa Dec is about 10-15 days ahead of Tet before they are trucked on boats to markets in other places in Southern Provinces.

Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House

Location: On the bank of Tien River at 225A Nguyen Hue Street, Sa Dec Town, Dong Thap Province.

Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House is a special house which is the harmony of Southern Vietnamese, French, and Chinese architectural styles. For more than 100 years, despite the destruction caused by time, the house remains beautifully intact.

Sa Dec
Huynh Thuy Le Ancient House in Dong Thap Province

But the most special thing is about the former owner of it – Huynh Thuy Le who is the sone of the most reputable Chinese family in Dong Thap in the past. The love story of this man and Marguerite Duras has become the inspiration for many filmmakers, writers. The famous novel and film named “The Lover” attract many tourists over the world to come and see this historic house.

Tram Chim National Park

Location: Tam Nong District, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam.

While Sa Dec flower village is a not-to-miss place for flower lovers, Tram Chim National Park is truly an ideal destination for wildlife discovery. The brilliant biodiversity of flora and fauna here easily makes an impressive add-on to your Mekong Delta tour.

Sa Dec
Red-crown Cranes in Tram Chim National Park

This park is home to many rare species, some of which are recorded in World Red list of threated species. About 200 types of birds are living here which make up ¼ the bird population in Vietnam. One of the most typical and well-known birds is Red-crowned Crane. Tourists can only take photos of them in the dry season because they will move to other places in the rainy season.

Many unique plants are also well protected here.

What to eat? – Local dishes in Sa Dec town

Like other provinces in the Delta, Sa Dec is also known as a paradise for diners, especially who want to try more Vietnamese traditional food. Here are some local dishes that you must experience at least one time in your life:

– Grilled chicken in clay

– Sa Dec grilled duck

– Cao Lanh grilled mouse in a terracotta jar

– Snake sausage

– Lai Vung fermented pork

Best Time to Travel to Sa Dec, Dong Thap, Vietnam

Sa Dec Town is in Dong Thap Province, in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. Like other provinces in the Delta, Dong Thap is in the tropical climate zone. There are always two distinct seasons in a year: the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from May to November and dry season is from December to April of the following year.

Sa Dec

In general, tourists can visit Sa Dec, Dong Thap at any time of a year because average temperatures vary very little. However, there are some suggestions for you to have the best time here.

If you want to get the view of thousands of cranes flying off into the sky at dawn which is like a fantastic picture, you should visit Tram Chim National Park from late April to May. Birds are always beautiful, especially in flight, and it is so difficult to duplicate its natural beauty. However, do not forget to bring a camera along and try to catch them just right!

If you visit Sa Dec in January or February (it’s time of Lunar New Year in Vietnam), do not miss the chance of enjoying the beauty of Sa Dec Flower village. At this time, every tropical flower in Sa Dec are in bloom and readily show their hidden beauty to the world which could surprise any visitors coming here. After that, many of them would be gathered and brought to Ho Chi Minh city for Tet holiday.

There are also traditional festivals in Dong Thap such as Go Thap festival – the ceremony in honor of Lady Chua Xu (on the 16th day of the 3rd Lunar month), the anniversary of the death of Doc Binh Kieu (on the 15th and 16th of the 11th Lunar month). Every year, many visitors from many places come here to participate in and enjoy the festival atmosphere.

How to travel to Sa Dec

The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Sa Dec, Dong Thap is about 113 kilometers and the road distance is about 200 kilometers. The cheapest way to get from Ho Chi Minh City to Sa Dec is by bus which costs $12 – $16 while the quickest way is taking a taxi which costs $130 – $170 and takes about 3 hours.

It will be more convenient to have a motorcycle or car to explore Sa Dec, Dong Thap. But it is much more enjoyable when floating aboard the dinghy under the canal, visiting landscapes.

Where to stay in Sa Dec

There are many hotels to choose in Sa Dec, Dong Thap with very reasonable prices. If you want to experience the life of locals in here, living with them would be the best. Do not hesitate to make friend with them because they are very hospitable and nice. They may invite you to come over and stay at their home which would be the chance you should not miss.


Tips for travelers to Sa Dec, Dong Thap

Here are some tips for you, especially first-time tourists, to travel on a tight budget while still enjoy the wonderful time in Sa Dec, Dong Thap.

  • Do not forget to bring a long coat, hat, face mask, sun cream in sunny season and some devices to protect your equipment from rain, dust, mud, etc.  in the rainy season.
  • You should wear casual, convenient clothes because you will have to move all day. A couple of T-shirt and Jeans and a pair of sporty sneakers would be the best.
  • Don’t bring along too much money and expensive accessories.
  • Be careful with admission fees when visiting attractions.
  • There may be a lot of mosquito and insects in the rainy season, so mosquito repellents would be necessary to protect you from bites
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It would be very regretful if you miss this attraction during your stay in Vietnam. There are lots of things in Sa Dec Town, Dong Thap Province waiting for you to explore. Please contact us via email: or hotline : (84-243) 7 755 888.

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