Local Advisor: 19 Cambodia Travel Tips any visitors must know!

Welcome to Cambodia, the Asia beautiful country. This well-known land is a wonderful choice for anyone who likes discovering mystery and history. Angkor Wat architecture complex is willing to greet you all! Let’s find out 19 most important Cambodia travel tips & advices to get best tour ever!

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1.Cambodia safety

Is it safe to visit Cambodia? Is Cambodia safe to spend time and holiday?

This is what all of us care about, and truly the first to be mentioned. Sure, together Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia is a great place to rest and ease yourself. Cambodia people are very friendly and they are willing to help. This Buddhism country is very safe for spending time with families or just travelling alone.

If you get to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat during your tour, you do not need to be worry because these are such safest Cambodia destinations to be. There are always many police to help you all in any problems.

Some may think that it would be a pity if you catch flue or illness because of the weather, but don’t worry, medical shops will help you ease everything and you yourself can prepare to be in good mood for the travel.

So are you ready for your trip? Cambodia welcomes you all!

2.Best time to visit Cambodia

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When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia ? How many seasons in Cambodia? 

We will answer your question and give you the best Cambodia travel tips and advices. Like Vietnam, this South East Asia country has a great weather for you to move you legs. There are two seasons in this beautiful country. Wet season and Cambodia dry season. In fact, to many travellers, they devide Cambodia weather into 3 seasons bellow:

High season: this is the best time to be in Cambodia. From November to March, you all can get a ticket and have a nice trip to this Buddhism country. Cambodia beautiful cities and Cambodia street food will make you all breath away. So, it is really smart to get a ticket online or a tour to make your time wonderful?

Wet season: It is also known as shoulder season. This time will make you all immerse in green beautiful scenes. From July to August, you can freely discover interesting things without worrying about peak time ever.

Low season: which is also known as Cambodia dry season. This is from April to June and lasts again from September to October. This time, the weather is very hot, the hottest periods of the year. But many choose this time to visit this country, especially when they want to have special tour.

3.Visa to Cambodia

To have a great and safe tour, the very first thing you need is a visa. Nowadays , Cambodia government has allowed travellers to get visa easily in short time. You can get a visa from internet if you stay far sway from this country. Or you can also get to Consulate General of Cambodia to make things easier.

Cambodia will welcome you very fast at good time if you are from Vietnam, Philipine, Malaysia and Indonesia. These great countries can get to Cambodia without  a visa but just valid passport. Of course, it would be better if you live in these country and travel around South East Asia.

Cambodia travel tips & advices

For more information, you can get access to E-visa ( www.evisa.gov.kh) to get ready for your Cambodia itinerary.. Having a visa will help you much during the trip, especially when you arrive alone or at high time of the year.

4.Crossing borders

Many want to save both money and time during their Vietnam Cambodia tours, so they take themselves in danger while crossing the borders to get to Cambodia land. Our Cambodia travel tips 
& advices never tell you to do that. To be safe in any cases, having a visa is great. 

If you get to the country by this way, you may be get lost, be in danger, be stolen, and many worse things can happen. You can also be fined by police and spend time in…prison. Why not treat you better with a safe and cheap tour? Whenever you book a tour, you are helped freely to get a visa as soon as possible. And later, Cambodia welcomes you!

5. Booking flights

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You all can easily get a flight when booking it online. If you spend time in an Indochina odyssey tour, you can even take short time to move from one country to another.

During the trip in Cambodia, you can use service of Cambodia Angkor Air. This is a famous and good brand in this Buddhism country. They serve  great flight and delicious food. You can get online ticket on their website: www.cambodiaangkorair.com

6. Dress code

Cambodia dress code is an important thing to care. Among our Cambodia travel tips & advices, we want to mention this as the first and necessary feature. Because Cambodia religion is Buddhism, which is very scared, so you should prepare well to be a good visitor.

-Can I wear shorts in Cambodia?

-No No.

If you come to this Asia country, please  bring long and discreet clothes. Do not wear  shorts and skirts if you visit temples and pagodas. Jeans are not allowed in some case. You should  buy a cover to care and protect yourself from sun lights, also be better to visit these mysterious places. It is the same like Vietnam. So please remember this tip during your escorted tours to Vietnam and Cambodia.


The weather in Cambodia is quite hot, so you can find a nearby shops to get a handkerchief and hat together with your clothes. These stuff will easy yourself and help you to be a smart visitor after all. You can look at many guide signs to have the best preparation.

One more thing to remember is that you should also prepare suitable shoes for yourself. There are many places to visit, so high heel is not a good choice at all.

7. Money

In Cambodia, people trade in both Khmer money called Riel and USD. You can exchange 1 USD to take 4000riel in this country.

In fact, travellers do not need to exchange money because Cambodia people use USD as much as you do. You can use ATM at Royal Bank in Cambodia during your trip.

Do not use big value dollar. To be convenient, you should use change such as 1 or 5 dollar cash. Because the Cambodia street food is very cheap, so you do not need to wait for change if you prepare well.

In case you need to exchange money, you can get to Orussey market near 114 street in Phnom Penh. If you are in Siem Reap, old markets will be best place to go.

Please remember one thing, very important in this case: Cambodia do not like 2 dollar cash. They think it is not lucky and they would prefer another change. So do not use this one but you can put 2 of 1 dollar cash instead. So polite and smart you are !

8. Needed cards

One more Cambodia travel tip & advice to help you get no interrupts during your wonderful time in Cambodia is cards. Remember to prepare one of these card: visa debit, mastercard or american express one.

Cambodia travel tips 7 advices

These will help you withdrawn money, pay for booking hotels, flights, This will help you save much time to enjoy more landscapes of this mysterious country So easy for you to get one of them, not only in your country but also in Cambodia. Many banks are willing to help you with great attitude.

9. Internet and sim 3G

To keep in touch with the world during your Cambodia trip, do not forget to buy a 3G sim and surf internet. You can get into the city to buy with good price. After having a sim card, you can ask for 3G in 2 weeks or 1 week, depending on your trip.

In Cambodia, they use Metphone( of Vietel). It is cheap and strong, even better than in Vietnam, the neighbor beautiful country. You can enjoy both beautiful landscapes and get news from the world whenever you want! Wonderful, right?

10. Medical care 

Do not ignore this Cambodia travel tip & advice. The weather will be a bad fact to your Vietnam and Cambodia tour 2018. Ask from your friends and get more information from internet for what drugs you should bring. Some helpful things you can take is :

  • Anti-mosquito cream
  • Sunscreen
  • Stomach drug
  • Flue drug 

There are also many medical shops along the street, you can find out more in lonely planet Cambodia book-a very wonderful thing to bring along.

10. Private things

For any Cambodia tours, you need to prepare your own things such as

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Comb
  • Handkerchief
  • Money belt
  • Small bag
  • Zip pocket jacket
  • Scarf
  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Extra passport photos

You should have a list of things to bring, so that you will not miss any of them. These all small things can help you get more convenient during your Cambodia trip.

11. Language

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(project abroad)

In Cambodia, people can speak English well. To communicate with them, you can study some basic English sentences. This will help you get closed to them and get better charge. In most bars and Foreigner streets, English is spoken almost all day. So, if you no nothing about Khmer, do not worry because you have English instead.

In any cases, local people turn to be more friendly if a visitor can speak their language. In Asia countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, you can see how happy people are to communicate with a foreigner in their mother tongue. Study some easy sentences and use them during your trip is such a wonderful experience to try. Let’s try in your next Vietnam and Cambodia tour this year.

These are very easy for you to learn:

Hello – Jum reap sou (formal) or Sou sdey (informal)

Good bye -Jum reap leah (formal) or Leah hi (informal)

Yes – Baht (for men), Cha (for women)

No – Oht tey

Thank you – Ah kun

Sorry – Sohm tou

How much is this? – Tah ni thliy pun mann?

Expensive – Thliy

Where is…? – (Name of location), nouw ey na?

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13. Guide book

The next among our Cambodia travel tips & advices is about book. One helpful book any travellers should bring when visiting Cambodia is: Lonely Planet Cambodia. This helps you have a long list of :

  • Must visit places in Cambodia
  • Siem Reap and Phnom Penh hotels
  • Cambodia culture food
  • Famous restaurants to try
  • Other behavior tips.

Do not leave it at home but bring it along with you to get more lucks and convenience.

14.Where to go

cambodia itinerary- siem reap city

Where should I go in Cambodia?

Well, there is a long list for you to see.

Siem Reap city

This is a very beautiful city to visit. Among Cambodia travel tips & advices, visiting Siem Reap city is an interesting thing to do in Cambodia.  You can find many wonderful things to do during your short time. There are many best places to come and visit.

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Phnom Penh city

Things to do in cambodia 1

The capital of Cambodia appeals many travellers from all over the world. You can visit many wonderful temples and enjoy great Cambodia culinary.

For unmissed places, we list top famous toursim sites.

Tours recommended: 

Sihanoukville city

cambodia itinerary 5 days

One more Cambodia travel tip & advice is visiting Sihanoukvile  city. Also known as Kampong Som, Kampong Saom, this beautiful city is famous for its long clean beaches. Located to the south of Cambodia, every year, this attracts thousands of travellers coming to visit.

Top most visited places:

  • Kampong Pier Nup Lok cave
  • Vimean Tao Meas statue
  • Iber Bilkhalifah church
  • The Independence Boutique Resort & Spa
  • Independence square
  • Sihanoukville mountain
  • St Michael church
  • Stung Hau town
  • Wat Chotynieng 


There are many types of transportation in cambodia such as tuk tuk, taxis, cars, buses, motorbikes The best for you to take is a tuk tuk. It is cheap and you can hire one to go around the city.

To save money, you should prepare change dollar, because they will not pay back. Using both Riel and USD are better in this case. This Cambodia travel tip & advice is very helpful during your travel.

Young drivers are better in English. So you can ask them for more than a short time siiting inside. they can show you great restaurants and best places to visit.

16.Cambodia culture food


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This Cambodia street food will help you ease your hungry time. Do not ask for hot one during your walking moment. This is very popular, cheap and easy to take away. A little of cheese, omellettes and vegetables will make it taste better. Very delicious !

things to to in cambodia 9

Khmer red curry, not very spicy at all. Worth to try !

Cambodia travel tips & advices

Insects are very popular in Cambodia. Do not be scare of them ! They are nutritious food for you. You can try fried-red ants with beef. Wonderful! Do not ignore our Cambodia travel tips & advices for this !

You can also try: 

Bai sach chrouk, Amok fish, Khmer Lap, Khmer noodles, fried crab,…

Some great restaurants for you:

In Phnom Penh

-Phsa Reatrey- night market

-Veng Nguon restaurant in Phsar Kandal 1

– Roadside diners 

Siem Reap

  • Khmer house restaurant
  • Soup dragon
  • Khmer kitchen restaurant


Cambodia travel tips &advices


You can buy many things during your Cambodia trips. We recommend you to choose  in list bellow for your souvenirs:

  • Silver products: such as necklaces, rings, teaspoon.
  • Dry beef: sweet and taste well
  • Dry snake: Popular in Cambodia, from 6 to 15 USD per kilogram
  • Handicraft products: such as clothes, bags, scarfs, handerchiefs.
  • Dry fish
  • -Thot Not sugar


Shopping in Siem Reap

-Angkor Night Market: more than 200 shops, almost handicraft products.

-Old Market (Psar Chas)- Khmer ancient market

-Artisans d’Angkor

– Made in Cambodia Market

– Louise Loubatieres Gallery

– Angkor Handicraft Association

Shopping in Phnom Penh

Get to Sorya shopping mall- st 63 Phnom Penh

You can find clothes, food, electronic products, jewellaries in this 8 floor famous center.


Laughing Fatman Guesthouse-Phnom Penh

Cambodia travel tips & advices

Located along the River Bank, this hotel has a very nice location. It is only some minutes to get from the hotel to Sorya bus station, restaurants and visited sites.

This 2 star hotel is clean with wide balcony. It serves breakfast and even has a restaurant. You can also hire a bike in this place.

You can get to 63 street 172 in Phnom Penh and book a room yourself. It is not expensive at all!

Base Villa

Also in Doun Penh, this hotel is close to The Place Club, Lucky market and Capitol bus station. This 3 star hotel has a good price, suitable for anyone like visiting Cambodia within small budget.

Base Villa staff are very friendly. You can be help willing anytime. 

One more advantage is that it has a clean pool. Hot time during your trip is no matter at all. Among many hotels, we think this is a very great place to choose.That’s our Cambodia travel tip & advice. 

Cambodia travel tips & advices

You can get to number 29 on 222 street to take a place for you.

For more hotels: One stop, Sla Boutique, Camory Backpacker, Me Mates Place

Medamrei Villa-Siem Reap

Cambodia travel tips &advices

This quiet place is a great  thing to experience during your tour. You can book a small room among 19 ones. Only 2 floors but being clean and pure, Medamrei will give you wonderful time ever. You can also have a birthday party during this trip. So many great things to be, right?

At cheap price, this hotel even serves you breakfast for 2 people. If you want to spend good time with your friend, staying in this quiet small hotel is among things to do in Cambodia.

Popular Residence hotel

Cambodia travel tips &advices

Another hotel in Siem Reap we highly recommend is Popular Residence. In top 12 bét Siem Reap hotels, thí one attracts with small swimming pool outside and beautiful design. Very simple but luxurious.

One more reason why this is in list of 19 Cambodia travel tips & advices is that: you can easily get a tuk tuk from here. It nis near Angkor Wat complex, that’s why!

More hotels in Siem Reap:

  • Cyclo d’Angkor Boutique hotel
  • The Moon Boutique Hotel
  • Angkor Pearl
  • Golden Banana Boutique
  • Golden Temple Hotel


This last Cambodia travel tip & advice is very important. There are many things to do in Cambodia. In vice versa, there are things not to do in Cambodia, either.

Cambodia travel tips & advices

  • Asking for allowance before taking photos, or else you can be caught to be in prison.
  • Do not show your feelings to your lovers on the streets. It is not polite!
  • Women are not allowed to be closed or touch monks!
  • Do not touch any body’s heads.
  • Please do not cross your legs and point someone!
  • No agreement for using left hand to give things to other, not clean!
  • Put off your shoes and hats before walking inside houses.

For more information: 

How to have best 5 days in Cambodia-Cambodia itinerary & tips to travel

Well, 19 Cambodia travel tips & advices are what really helpful for any travellers. Do you still wonder ? Breath deeply and take a phone call. We are willing to help you all!

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