Things to do in Hoi An at night

Somebody says people made their way to Hoi An to find their inner-selves again in this magical town somehow, even that is not their first time to Hoi An. Every time coming to Hoi An, tourists all got something new. Under shimmering lights, Hoi An at night seems like an old man who has lived a full life, now looks back at it and feels blessed and satisfied. Visiting the most attractive ancient town of Vietnam at night will give you a feeling of a life time journey.


Things to do in hoi an at night
Hoi An at night has lots to offer

So what to do in Hoi An at night to catch that feeling? There are certain things that you only get when you do them at night in Hoi An, and here they are.

Be a wanderer

Let’s admit: the slower you feel Hoi An, the more you admire this glorious town. There is no such thing greater than walking through Hoi An alleys & streets at night. Let’s go through aisles of food court and stalls of Hoi An market, then randomly choose a store to buy what you like. Let’s stop at Bai Choi performance stage (Bai Choi: a performance of traditional folk songs in Central Vietnam), join the performers and try sing some funny notes. Let’s visit night market and pose under the dazzling lanterns, then join many interesting street games on Hoai river bank. Let’s feast your inner artistic soul a museum or gallery visit and learn about the history of a town. Then bump into a silk shop and admire the delicacy of the textile there. You might buy that nice piece of art to bring home.

Wandering around the ancient town

Release a lantern on Hoai river

Leisurely walk along Japanese covered bridge, then hop on a boat to visit along Hoai river, it will give a different perspective of the town. On riversides, there are pedestrians, crowds; there are vivid and vibrant activities wrapped by shimmering lights from restaurants and shops. Close your eyes and feel the wind blowing through your hair. Chat with smiley boat drivers to know how they easily get their simple happiness. Don’t forget to buy a candle float then release it into the river, and don’t forget to make a wish for your own and your beloved with the river God, he/she might listen to you somewhere.

Make a wish while releasing a lantern on Hoai river

Join a cooking class

Hoi An used to be a trading harbour in the past. Hence, the local culture, especially cuisine had been influenced by greatness from other countries such as China, Japan & French. Hoi An delicacy is a perfect combination of local instinct and other wellness from trading countries. Join a cooking class in Hoi An at night can give you a glimpse back to the cuisine history of 500-year-old town. How locals season a dish, how they mix ingredient, how they prepare and decorate the food, from street foods, daily meal to fine dining. After class you can even enjoy your result, how exciting that is!

Learn how to cook Hoi An special dishes

A food tour

If you are lazy to join a cooking class, then let others cook for you. Hoi An offers you several delicious food & beverages. Let’s try Quang noodle, banh mi Phuong, banh dap, cao lau, Hoi An chicken rice, fresh rolls, fried pork rolls with wild betel leaf. Those are highlights of local delicacy. Then next will be other region specialities: bun mam Da Nang, pho, hu tieu.

Hoi An chicken rice

Later you can calm your stomach down with cool desserts such as corn sweet soup, crushed ice mixed sweet soup, durian ice cream, sugar cane juice and sesame juice. And one of the street shop for drink that you definitely must try is Mot Hoi An tea shop. We call it a shop but it’s actually just a young male vendor with some short chairs for customers who wants to drink at the spot. He makes herbal tea decorated with lotus petal, lemon & lemongrass.

Chill at a coffee shop

There are many cool coffee shops in town for you to have a check. Mentioned here are five recommended coffee shops might match your style.

You can try Le Fé Cafétéria if you love enjoying acoustic music. The host is also a well-known singer in the old time . If you want various acoustic rythnm, you can check out Guitar Hawaii because they always find a new things to refresh their performance every night.

If you prefer to enjoy the overview of the town, don’t mind to check Faifo coffee. The architecture and the decor of the cafe is oriented like the old time. They also have rooftop bar for you to enjoy the view of the town.

If you enjoying try local herbal coffee, please make a visit to Reaching Out Tea house. The smell of tea blends so well with coffee and make their drinks special. One more special thing here is that the staff are all the deaf, as Reaching Out is also a social entrepreneur to support the disabled.

If you are eager on exploring more and more artistic pieces of this town, please drop by May Concept. This cafe is actually a tailor shop, so in the shop they present many tailored-made art pieces as decoration.

Drink local beer on riverside

Drink beer Hanoi in Hanoi, beer Saigon in Saigon, and beer Hoi An in Hoi An. Local draft beer in Hoi An is incredibly cheap! Buy a pack of tangerine sauce-shimmered squid to eat while drinking beer with your buddies on the river side. What a memorable night! What a simple happiness!

Chill with friends with local draft beers

Watch a movie at Hoi An cinema

Enjoying a movie at Hoi An cinema is unique. The cinema is small, and to be honest quite simply equipped, but I don’t know why the ambient is just awesome. This kind of cinema can remind us of our childhood when every time going out is such an extreme adventure.

Hoi An cinema

Enjoy Hoi An Impressions Scenery Show

A show is a perfect heart-fell combination of lighting and sounding, of music and poem, of subtle facial expressions from performers. Love stories, historical stories are revealed by the magnificient scene and by the contribution of 500 performers. The most impressive moment might be when 100 Vietnamese girls in their ao dai walk on road of lights.

Enjoy Hoi An Impressions Scenery Show
Enjoy Hoi An Impressions Scenery Show

Relax your body with traditional massage

After a whole day out, your body should be treated better with traditional Vietnamese massage. If you walked a lot in a day, then you should try foot massage too.

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Things to do in Hoi An at night
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