The Whale Island Vietnam – An island of irresistible charm

For a quiet retreat well off the beaten path and into the sea, head north about only 100km from Nha Trang to the Whale Island. This island, also known as Hon Ong, is definitely a tourist destination for those who are game for the sea, like to explore the beauty of the wild and seek for the peace away from the bustle and hustle life. The Whale Island of Vietnam is one of the unspoiled and wonderful tourist attractions in Nha Trang alluring both domestic and international tourists. Let’s check out this interesting place with Asianwaytravel now!


Located in Van Phong Bay, Whale Island is considered one of the relaxing paradises in Nha Trang. The dreaming natural surroundings along with bungalows harmonizing with the natural scenery actually satisfy tourists once setting foot in.

Beautiful The Whale Island of Vietnam under the sun.
Beautiful The Whale Island of Vietnam under the sun.

With an area of about 40.00ha, the Whale Island of Vietnam has retained the untouched beauty with fine white sands adjacent pure blue beachfront. There’s an area of about two hectares used by a French couple who have invested in running a resort. This is the only resort on the island, the rest of the island is still kept wild and peaceful with lush green coconut groves running along the beach.


It takes about 15-20 minutes to get from the land to the Whale Island of Vietnam. You have to go to Dam Mon pier and then there is a free boat trip taking you to the island offered by the resort. We have here, 3 ways for you to travel to the pier:

1. Motorbike

You love the freedom and fancy a ride to explore the natural scene. Hire yourself a motorbike at the vehicles rental shops in the city. With only 100.00/day, it’s simple to rent a motorbike as long as you bring your identity card. To get to Dam Mon, you can go along National Highway 1A to Co Ma which is more than 80km. From this turn, you can reach the pier in just 20km.

2. Resort’s shuttle bus

The Whale Island resort also offers a shuttle bus with the one-way ticket of only 20-25$/person. The buses start to leave for the island at 9am and 2pm, come back at 12pm and 4pm from Dam Mon pier. Besides, there’re also private cars for groups of 8-20 people. You can contact the receptionists to book the tickets before you go.

3. Public transportation: bus / taxi

You can catch a bus from Nha Trang to Tuy Hoa with the price of about 100,000VND/person, get off at Co Ma and take a taxi for the rest 20km to the pier.


As there is only one resort on the island so you will not have to spend too much time considering. There are 35 rooms, 1 bar and 1 restaurant on the Whale Island of Vietnam. These cute bamboo bungalows include Standard, Superior and Family Bungalow with two main view: sea and garden.

Lovely bungalows along the beach of the Whale Island.
Lovely bungalows along the beach of the Whale Island.

To book a room in the resort is very simple, you can check out the website of the resort for reservation and directly pay by credit card. Room rates range from 1-1.7 millions VND depending on the room you choose and the number of persons staying. You can call the receptionists to get more information and advice in need.


The beach of the Whale Island is extremely fresh and clean, tourists can admire shoals of fish freely swimming under the blue waters. It’s highly recommended that tourists enjoy swimming and sunbathing here under the sun on the Whale Island of Vietnam. And there are, of course, many other activities for a perfect escape of you on this paradise.


There are many beautiful colorful coral reefs around the island and the water is cristal clear that you can see clearly here. With only 60,000VND/person, you will be provided with a set of diving equipment. Don’t worry because it’s close to the shore and it’s safe. This will be such an experience that you don’t wanna miss!


With the price of only 100,000VND/person for 2 hours, you can get a kayak, life jackets and paddles for 2 people. Isn’t it a quite reasonable price? Why not sail and discover this island then?kayak


Trekking may help you discover interesting natural sights on the island that you hardly see around the beach. Before trekking, make sure you bring along some water and wear long-sleeved clothes to avoid the burning sun and forest leaves. You can ask the receptionist for some instructions, or maybe just a map if you are some kind of adventurous travellers. It will take about 2 hours to go around the island and some more moments if you fancy taking some photos.

The Whale Island map for those who fancy trekking.
The Whale Island map for those who fancy trekking.

Scuba diving

You can easily find the Rainbow Diving Center on the island to ask for an adventure under the sea. Perhaps this is the cheapest and most interesting service on the island. It costs only about 7$/person and at 9am, you get on the boat to the diving spots where a coach is waiting to instruct you how to dive.scuba-diving

Furthermore, you can enjoy some other water sports such as volleyball, canoeing or simply relax and choose some ralaxation services like massage.

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As there’s only one resort on the Whale Island of Vietnam, the food is served by the restaurant of the resort only. When you book a room of the resort, the breakfast is included. The breakfast has different kinds of dishes for you to choose and it’s served from 7 to 9am. For lunch and dinner, you will get to know the set menu of the day when you come to the restaurant for breakfast. It will cost you 14$ for each meal and you can buy some drinks (because they aren’t included) with the price of only 20-30,000VND.

Set menu on the Whale Island
Set menu on the Whale Island.

If the Whale Island of Vietnam has get you interested, what are you waiting for? This is such a wonderful destination for an escape from the bustle and hustle with your loved ones. Let’s pack up and get ready for the journey now. Let’s our tailor help you create the best and most meaningful trip as you only live once!


The Whale Island Vietnam – An island of irresistible charm
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