The Ultimate travel guide to Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho, Vietnam is one of the best tourist attractions for many years. How do you know about the attractiveness of Can Tho – the Mekong Delta‘s biggest city except for famous Cai Rang floating markets? This article reveals that floating markets are not enough to know well about the spirit of this province. Besides, from this detail travel guide, you can have much more information on your next trip to Vietnam. Let’s begin!

Can Tho Vietnam
The attractiveness of the biggest Mekong Delta Province

Why you should visit Can Tho?


Can Tho is located in the center the Mekong Delta and is the biggest city in the delta. Because of this advantage, Can Tho is also the economic, cultural, and political center here. This charming city is contiguous to 5 other provinces: An Giang, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Kien Giang and Vinh Long which makes it more convenient for tourists to explore the typical life of locals in the South of Vietnam in just a few days.


Can Tho climate has two distinct seasons: the dry season and rainy season. The weather here is typified by features of the tropical monsoon climate. Generally, the weather is warm and humid all year around depending on its attitude. It is dry from December to April next year and wet from May to November. The average temperature is around 27oC.

Can Tho Vietnam - Best time to visit
The best time to visit Can Tho, Vietnam

Food & Drink 

Can Tho Vietnam 2019

Can Tho is the perfect place for diners who want to try famous cuisines of Southern Vietnam and the Mekong Delta region. The food here is various, cheap, super delicious such as Nem Nuong, Banana Cake, Banh Xeo, Grill Snakehead fish, Green snail with pepper, etc. which you can easily buy on streets.

You shouldn’t skip the opportunity of enjoying this paradise of fruits such as mango, plum, Ha Chau mulberry, banana, etc. On any occasion, you can enjoy the fresh taste of fruits right in the garden with a very reasonable price.


Visitors who have come to visit Can Tho may not forget the hospitality of locals here. They are famous for friendliness and generosity which can melt your heart right the moment you set your foot here. Do not hesitate to make friends with them and they will make your trip much more memorable.

How to get to Can Tho, Vietnam?

Transportation: There are two means of transport leading to Can Tho: Airline and bus

If you are in Ha Noi, we recommend you to choose the airline because it is much easier, more convenient and helps you save a lot of time. There are two airlines with flights to Can Tho:

Vietnam Airlines: The price of Ha Noi – Can Tho return tickets are from $114 to $200.

Vietjet Air: The price of return tickets are from $80 to $130$.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh city or other provinces, you can take a bus to get to Can Tho which only take a few hours and the price is very reasonable.

The best time to visit Can Tho?

Like other cities in Southern Vietnam, Can Tho has favorable weather conditions. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter when you visit, you can come to visit Can Tho any time, the Delta always looks fantastic in full sun and full rain.

However, the period from April to June is considered the best time for tourists. At this time, Can Tho climate is quite comfortable with light rain and warm weather. This time is also a great chance to get to see the famous Cai Rang floating market and enjoy the blooming season of all kinds of fruit in Vietnam.

Especially, visitors can join two of the three biggest festivals in Mekong Delta: Thuong Dien festival and Ha Dien festival on full moon days of the lunar month.

Accommodation in Can Tho, Vietnam

Can Tho is one of the five biggest cities in Vietnam so do not worry about the accommodation here. There are a plenty of hotels and homestays in this city. Choosing to homestay in orchards is a good idea.

Please note that after check-in at hotels, you should ask them for taking back your passport. Because it would become inconvenient for you, especially foreign tourists, to continue your trip without a passport.

Things to do in Can Tho, Vietnam

Floating market

“Floating market” is a typical market which can be found in most provinces of The Mekong Delta. Some of them are very big and famous such as Cai Rang, Phong Dien (Can Tho); Nga Nam (Soc Trang) and Nga Bay (Hau Giang). Most visitors are very curious about this type of market and after coming here, many agree that visiting a floating market is a not-to-miss experience.

Can Tho Vietnam
Have you ever experienced the floating culture?

Floating markets have existed for a long time and reflect the amazing cultural aspects of southerners and Cai Rang is the biggest one on The Mekong Delta. From 5 a.m, this market becomes more and more active. You can see hundreds of boats loaded with plenty of seasonal goods from tropical fruits like mango, banana, papaya, pineapple, etc. on big boats to cigarettes, beer, and wine or soft drinks on smaller boats. The laughers, the sounds of brandishing paddle along with the feelings of floating in the river will deeply leave impressions in the hearts of numerous tourists when going to Cai Rang in Can Tho travel.

One of the best things is that when visiting Cai Rang floating market, visitors can also join a tour of the Mekong Delta by visiting My Tho then taking a boat trip to visit orchards, bee farms and coconut candy village in Ben Tre.

Tay Do Night Market

Tay Do Night market is one of the highlights of Can Tho tourism. It is a trading center of Southern provinces and also home to entertainment services reflecting contemporary rhythms. The product in this market is various, meeting the requirements of residents and tourists. Beside shopping souvenirs, gifts, eating traditional cuisines, tourists can join in outdoor music theater, games, etc.

Can Tho Vietnam
The magic of Tay Do Night market

Come to visit Tay Do Night Market, you can see a complex picture illustrating the true daily life of locals in the downstream of the famous Mekong Delta.


In the Mekong Delta area – the biggest fruit factory in Vietnam, traveling to fruit gardens may be the activity attracts tourists the most. This is a chance for visitors to escape from the summer heat, from the hustle and bustle of the city.  In Can Tho, there are a lot of orchards with many kinds of fruits, especially in Phong Dien District and Tan Loc District.

Impressive orchards in Can Tho, Vietnam
Impressive orchards in Can Tho, Vietnam

To get to the farms, you also have to use boats to go deep into the water maze and enter numerous small canals. Tourist can witness the full progress of harvesting and transporting fruits from the garden to stall boats floating over Cai Rang River. There is a wide range of tropical famous fruits that you can enjoy here are mango, orange, grapefruit, durian, rambutan, longan, plum, etc. This is absolutely the dreamland of any fruit – lover.

Can Tho Vietnam Fruit paradise is real!
Fruit paradise is real!

Discover Can Tho culinary paradise

As a center of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho has an extensive list of fruits, vegetable, seafood, etc. If you have tried cuisines in here, you may notice that most of the dishes are made of rice and they also serve herbs additionally. Here are four dishes that you must try in your food tour around Can Tho:

Cai Rang Grilled Rolls

Just thinking about this dish and its harmonious combination of ingredients can make you mouth-watering. The meatballs which are the mix of pork fat with garlic, pepper, sugar are grilled on charcoal, then served with sweet sauce and different herbs and cucumber, green banana. This nutritious specialty has its own taste that no other food can come close to.

Can Tho Vietnam - Foody
Just looking at it can make your mouth watering

Baked Sticky Rice Banana Bun

Different from other places, the banana buns in Can Tho are very small, and cute. The buns are covered with cooked rice, and a layer of leaves outside then baked on charcoal. This dish is easily found on the streets. Eating a hot, delicious Sticky Rice Banana Bun must be perfect especially in rainy season days.

Can Tho Vietnam - Best choice on the rainy days
Best choice on rainy days

Grilled Green Pepper Snails

Not too spicy, not too salty and crunchy, the grilled snail served with fish sauce, pepper and garlic is the most popular rural food of young people in Can Tho.

Can Tho Vietnam
Have you ever tried this dish?

There are so many things to tell about this charming and green city in Vietnam. It would be much greater if you can contact us via email: or hotline : (84-243) 7 755 888. so we can have our own experiences and unforgettable moments together!

The Ultimate travel guide to Can Tho, Vietnam
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