What to expect if you travel Vietnam in October? Top places to visit Vietnam in October

Vietnam weather in October

October can be considered to be among of best months to visit Vietnam.

In the North, the weather is typically autumn, which is the temperature has cooled off for the most part and leaves are changing colors to yellow. The temperature is mild and the air is dry.

In the Central part of Vienam such as Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An, the rain becomes the norm but it does not dilute the beauty of this region. In fact, Hue drizzle has become an important feature of Hue travel which is a source of inspiration for many generations of poets and artists. In the South, the temperature remains steady, ranging from 24 to 31 oC degree with significantly less rain compared with previous summer months.  


Like September, many storms are imminent to flood into the coastal area, which may hold off your trips for days or even weeks. So check the weather forecast in advance carefully and check out the most suitable places to visit in Vietnam in October. 


Ha Giang is probably on of the most beautiful mountain provinces in the northern Vietnam.

Autumn, especially October is the best time for traveling in this province.  October is the month when it witnesses the end of the wet season in Ha Giang Vietnam. The month is now ready to experience the fall in the temperature which makes the climate quite relaxing and a soothing one.

Amazing Terrace Field in Ha Giang
Amazing Terrace Field in Ha Giang

Especially, from October to December, Ha Giang Mountains wear one of their most beautiful dresses color. The province, famous for its geological park and breath taking mountain scenery, is covered in buckwheat flowers.

Buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang in October
Mountains covered with buckwheat flowers is the one of the best scenery in Ha Giang in October



October marks the beginning of autumn- the most beautiful season in Vietnam.

This is the time when summer-time heat, humidity and heavy showers have disappeared; cool dry days make this month one of the best times to explore Hanoi’s maze-like streets and colonial buildings.

Compare to September, October’s weather is even milder since its temperature is getting more favored. Autumn and its beauty haven’t faded a bit while cooling wind blow frequently to satisfy people.


There would be no better time to take a cyclo tour around Hanoi’s Old Quarter as the autumn still remain its beauty and the sunlight is not so strong. Any kind of walking tour is suitable as well.

Especially at night, when you walk along Hanoi’s streets and besides its lakes, you will breathe in the beautifully sweet fragrance of milky flowers. Milky flowers are a symbol of Hanoi’s autumn. There are many songs and poems that mention their charming fragrance.

What’s more, the chilly weather is aslo a great opportunity to enjoy Hanoi Street food. You will die for it.

Hanoi street food


October is the best time to visit SAPA because of its striking mountainous landscapes.

Every scene in Sapa is appeared as a wonderful masterpiece of the natures, making us never get tired of looking at.

Atmosphere, temperature and humidity in October are great to explore Sapa. It is a bit chilly, not too much sunny, and dry. You can visit all of best sightseeings in Sapa and bring home very beautiful pictures.

October is also the harvesting season in Sapa. At that time, Sapa beauty is at its prime. You will see a breathtaking landscape of the golden lush terraced fields, which run along mountains and are highlighted by green forests, have become popular postcard pictures.




Legends has it that one upon a time, the God sent a family of dragons to protect a bay from invaders and you can see the unique shape of the two thousand plus islands surrounding this magical city resembles the bodies of these mythical creatures.

You would never see anything this amazing in life and I definitely recommend you adding this destination to your bucket list.

Unlike summer with unpredictable weather, Ha Long Bay in October is a different story. It offers some of the best chances of clear skies.


One of the activities on a cruise ship is a tour to little fishing village. It is so fascinating to see how different people lived there. One of the ways the villagers make money is the paddle tourists around their turf and showed us the magic of their home. They will take you to these amazing caves. And everything was just so dreamy like a haunting scene from a romantic movie.




Can Tho where is renowned for interesting floating markets, delicious foods and verdant fruits, and beautiful Buddhist pagodas as well as friendly and warm people is the main and biggest city of the Mekong River Delta. Can Tho is also well – known in the saying “Can Tho, ivory rice, clear water”. The most attractive places in Can Tho are Cai Rang Floating Market, Ninh Kieu Wharf, and Bang Lang Stork Garden.

Visiting Can Tho in your Vietnam tour in October means sailing through an intensive system of canals, observing the verdant gardens on the two river banks, see how interesting it is as the old constantly shrug with the new, and buy exotic and qualified products at floating markets. Moreover, when you visit Bang Lang Stork Garden, you can see thousands of storks in various colors and types flying gracefully in the sky, lying playfully at tree branches, calling eagerly for partners.


Especially, the green orchard is dotted with the white color of storks made it look like cherry blossoms blooming in the spring. Can Tho is different from other tourist attractions because of it ecotourism areas. Taking part in the ecotourism tour, tourists can visit charming and beautiful garden with blooming flowers, fresh fruits and delicious specialties.



People usually come to Da Lat in the summer to avoid the heat, but you should also try to visit Da Lat in late in October.  October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers. The flower is also known as the features of Central Highlands because of its primitive beauty that makes it different and strongly attractive to everyone who travel to Vietnam and visit Da Lat.

Wild sunflower in Dalat Vietnam

Tourists can easily catch the sight of brilliant yellow flowers everywhere in Da Lat, in the city, hillside, alley, on the outskirts. October comes signing the blooming season of wild sunflowers. The stretch of road from Dran to Da Lat, the most beautiful road in Lang Biang highland will bring you the best excitement because flowers bloom overwhelming two sides of the road.

It is also the best time to visit Da Lat, see romantic landscape of the green highland.


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How to wear in Vietnam in October?

In the North of Vietnam: The weather in Hanoi ( Ha Long and Ninh Binh is pretty hot, thus what to wear in the north in October? European styles and Western dress have been popular for the Vietnamese. Tourists can dress as they would in the West but still noticeably conservative. Our advice is to pack lightweight cotton or linen trousers, quick drying materials. It is not necessary to pack too much because clothes are really cheap here. Especially you can buy diversified clothes from flip flops to hats in the night market in Hanoi Old Quarter. When you move to the highland areas such as Sa Pa in the Northwest or Ha Giang in the Northeast at night, it usually becomes colder, merino wool which does not retain odors even after prolonged wear is a good choice to keep your body warm. Good walking boots with ankle support or a pair of trekking sandals which can fit socks underneath can be a good option. Flip flops are worn a lot but you should be careful because some are more slippery than others when it is wet. Make sure to bring lightweight raincoat against the wet here instead of an umbrella.

In The Central of Vietnam:

The weather is still hot in Da Nang and Nha Trang so tourists can go swimming on the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Vietnamese here are more opened than that of the North. Bikini, swimwear or shorts are adopted. Good sunglasses are a must, plus a sunhat and wear plenty of sunscreen under the sunshine on the beaches. Leave the energetic atmosphere here, the atmosphere in Hue and Hoi An is more peaceful. What you need to pack and wear is sandals with the rugged bottom for hiking around the town. Because of the stormy season, you need to prepare a light raincoat accompanied.

In the South Vietnam: 

Move to the South, it is the rainy season, the temperature is quite stable. It means that tourists do not need to be worried too much about what to pack. HCMC is pretty Westernized and is not as conservative as the rest of Vietnam. Tourists can really dress free styles which any Western city will fit in. However, you can experience diversified seasons during a day in HCMC. In the early morning and late afternoon, it seems colder, you can bring thin jacket. A pair of sandals is more preferable than a pair of shoes because it may suddenly rain even as it is shiny. A lightweight raincoat is also a must here. The same with HCMC, it is easy for tourists to choose what to wear to visit floating markets on Mekong Delta. Floating markets mean you will sit on ferries and boats to trade above the water. Sleeveless tops and long pants or shorts are basic. Remember to bring plastic bags against water to protect your cameras and mobile phones. Quick drying material is the best.

Da Lat and Phu Quoc seem different from HCMC. The weather does not change much all the time during a year. It is cool and looks similar to the weather in England. So you had better bring a long skirt not only protect you from the heat of the sun but keep you warm and against mosquitoes at night. Due to the particular weather, tourists should download a Weather app which can give the accurate forecast for day and night. It will help you so much when travelling.

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