Top 11 must visit places in Cambodia-Cambodia hidden treasure

Welcome to Cambodia, a very mysterious country in South East Asia. This is more and more popular to the world with its hidden treasure.Today, will help have a full list of top 11 must visit places in Cambodia.


This wonderful land is very close to Kampot province. It takes only a half hour driving from Xa Xia border gate.

In the past, Kep was a very famous place of Cambodia with many resorts, villas and buildings. Through long war time, many of them were destroyed and collapsed.

must visit places in cambodia- kep

Kep in Cambodia

This small city is well-known for its own long beach with white sand and clean pure water. You can immerse yourself and enjoy fresh air in peaceful destination like this. It is really a great thing to do in Cambodia in such hot day!

Some places for visit in Kep: Kep national park, White lady statue, Banteay Srei butterfly farm.

You can enjoy delicious salad, bok lahong and famous king crab in restaurants. Choosing a nearby bungalow is a smart choice to both stay and enjoy food. 

It is very close to Vietnam, so you can also enjoy Vietnam beauty through your trip.

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2.Banteay Chhmar 

Like Angkor Wat, Banteay Chhmar is a very ancient architecture complex. This is only some hours driving from Siem Reap city, but not many know it.

Built in XII century, Banteay Chhmar is the oldest complex in Cambodia. It includes 8 temples with many sotiphisticated walls.

If enjoying Cambodia hidden treasure, visiting Banteay Chhmar should be listed in your Cambodia tour itinerary.

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3.Koh Rong Samloem

must visit places in cambodia- koh rong saloem


Very close to Sihanouk Ville, you just need a boat to sail to this wonderful island.

Ko Rong Samloem is a wild island with not many resorts and hotels.

In this peace island, you can ease yourself and run away from stress and noisy life. Sitting on the beach and watching fish swimming pass by is such a great thing to do in Cambodia!

For anyone likes adventuring, M’Pay Bay and Paradise villages are must-visit places in Cambodia.

One interesting thing is that you can use English to communicate with people here. There are even bars and Europe restaurants for travelers. Both Khmer and Europe food are served well.

4.Rabbit island

Another great island to discover this year is Rabbit Island, also called Koh Tonsay.

This is a very quiet destination without much noise from motorbikes and cars. You can freely adventure the village and enjoy food without worrying about population. This Cambodia destination is only 30 minutes from Kep city, very easy to get to.

With long white beach and clean pure water, Koh Tonsay will make you all breathless. You can dive to see coral reef. You can also lie down and watch coconut leaves moving. Playing sport on the beach is another way to relax very well.

Food here is cheap and great. You can have a very full meal with some dollars. If you want, you can go fishing and…get lunch! And late at night, you can rest at a bungalow after enjoy nightlife on beach.


must visit places in cambodia- Pailin

(Pailin in Cambodia-Eco houses)

Next stop is Pailin,”province of diamond”. This is not only famous for its diamond mine, but also for its history in the past.

In fact, Pailin was a part of Battambang, Cambodia.

Visiting this Pailin, you can find many valuable gifts and products. Saphire and ruby are among great souvenirs.

Hundreds of diamonds are on display and exhibition. If you have money, buying one is ok, right?. If not, Pailin still is among must visit places in Cambodia for you to experience.

6.Koh Kong

Our  next guest is about Koh Kong province. This wild Cambodia travel destination is a wonderful place with many tourism sites to visit.

You can get to Kiriom national park, Virgin islands, Tatai waterfall, Sner beach and so on.

One interesting fact about Cambodia is that you can see Irrawady dolphin in this highland place. These friendly dolphins will make your trip unforgettable.

Kayaking and climbing mountain are most recommended activities while you are here.

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Kratie in Cambodia- must visit places in cambodia

Can not miss this among must visit places in Cambodia, Kratie. This is a north East Cambodia province, close to Binh Phuoc of Vietnam. To enjoy Indochina odssey tours, you can enjoy this wonderful destination during the trip. Located on Mekong delta, Kratie is a romantic site to discover and rest.

You can wander around the town and take pictures of  France ancient buildings. You can also enjoy Irrawaddy dolphin shotting along the trip. Kratie dishes are very famous among Cambodia culture food. You may feel watering when smelling favor of dried buffalo and grilled corns. You can get to floating Red Sun Felling restaurant to enjoy the food.

Some more other places to visit: 100- column pagoda, Phnom Sambok Resort.


This second biggest Cambodia city is still a new land to travellers. Only 300 kilometer from Phnom Penh capital, Battambang still keeps its ancient France buildings and architectures.

With not many 3-floor buildings, Battambang is peaceful, quite and wild. You can immerse yourself and discover Cambodia religion through ancient temples and ruins.

Tonle Sap lake is a must see Cambodia travel in this large city. You can use bamboo train service to enjoy these slowly in peaceful life. Some famous sites are Ek Phnom, Phnom Banan and Phnom Sampeou.

9.Ko Ta Kiev

must visit places in cambodia- koh ta keiv

Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia

Next destination is an island near Sihanouk Ville. An interesting fact about Cambodia is that this island is rented by a company for tourism. Until now, Ko Ta Kiev is still strange to comers, but in the future, things may change.

You can not only enjoy beautiful beach but also delicious wine in a wine factory here. Walking under the sunlight and enjoying the peace with cool winds are so wonderful! Do not miss this must visit place in Cambodia whenever you visit Sihanouk Ville, ok?

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10. Kampot

Our number 10th destination is Kampot. This is very attractive and beautiful. Only 10 kilometers from Xa Xia border gate, it helps travellers both enjoy Vietnam and Cambodia beauty.

You can also  enjoy Cambodia culinary such as grilled chickens, bok lahong and Khmer salad. Some street dishes are soup, grilled eggs, onion breads and grille meat.

There are many places to visit in Kampot province. You can spend time at the square, visit Bokor highland and sail on Teuk Chhou river.

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must visit places in cambodia- oudong


Leaving noisy Cambodia cities, you can get to our last hidden place: Oudong. This is the ancient capital of Cambodia for a long time. Located between Kandal and Kompong Chhang, Oudong is a very interesting destination among must visit places in Cambodia.

Only 35 kilometers from Phnom Penh, you can hire a motorbike or a take a tax to visit this. In Khmer language, Oudong means noble in English. This is where many King lied down for thousand years of time. You can discover many strange things during your time here.

You can also have deep understanding about Cambodia through many 100-year-old religious items. They will help you get more about their life and Buddhism.  Famous Buddh statue is also a great thing to adventure and visit.

Above are 11 hidden places among many must visit places in Cambodia. We hope you have a great time during your holiday in this Buddhism South Asia country.


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