Discover 8 of The Most Astonishing Vietnam Caves

Vietnam, the country of beauty and peace! How to get your best tour in this land of beauty? Discover 8 astonishing Vietnam caves  from North to South to know about its wonders! Welcome to Vietnam! And moreover, welcome to our adventures!

1. Dau Go cave on Driftwood Island- Halong Bay

Dau Go cave- a great cave in Vietnam

Dau Go Caves is located on Driftwood Island, Halong Bay.  One thing special about this cave is about its history. Many Vietnam heros visited this place and all said it was great place to see. Moreover, in a book published in 1938, the author of Marvels of the World called this Driftwood cave “Grotte des merveilles”, which means a site of many marvels.

To get to Dau Go cave, you first need to step up about 90 steps. After a long way, then you can get to the entrance. Dau Go cave is about 25 meters high so you can see many great stalactites there. Hundreds of them in different shapes seems to fall down above your heads.

Dau Go cave is listed in top caves in Vietnam

Dau Go cave is also very wonderful to enjoy. This is listed in top Vietnam caves because of its special beauty. The first part of Dau Go cave is full of light. In this area, you can see things clearly in natural light from the sun. You can feel it is quite close to nature and see wonderful stalactites and develop your imagination.

The second grotto is very mysterious with special light in colors. You can all feel surpprise much when walking inside and it can blow your mind with many stalactites in unique shapes.

Last grotto is very wide and you can not only enjoy stalactites but also feel pure and clean water inside the cave. Many shapes of stalactites here such as elephants, horses, and spears can make you all surprise.

One interesting story that people tell many times after times about this Dau Go cave is  about its name. “Dau” means “head”, “Go” mean “Wood”. People say that this was the place where Tran Hung Dao hid his wood for Bach Dang river. Many also see many historic signals inside the cave and this may be attractive to not only tourists but also to historians.

2.Thien Cung cave in Ha Long-Quang Ninh

Thien Cung cave is very famous Vietnam caves and has become a great hot spot of Vietnam. The cave is usually added to any Halong Cruise Itinerary. From the city center, you just need to take a bus for the distance of 4 kilometers and easily get to the cave.

It is a mysterious way to get to Thien Cung cave. You can see many high trees in the two forests along the way. After a long time to go through the forest, you can reach the gate opening widely. What you need to do now is just try to step up 130 steps to get to Thien Cung cave, a part of our Vietnam caves today.

Thien Cung cave- a great cave in Vietnam

To many comers, Thien Cung cave is just like a colorful picture with many unique and strange shapes of stalactites. It makes Ha Long Bay more and more attractive to the world. Take a tour to Ha Long Bay and enjoy how wonderful Thien Cung cave is is really an interesting experience!

Top caves in Vietnam

Besides natural beauty, Thien Cung cave gives us a love story about a normal girl and a Dragon Prince. The girl named May fell in love with the handsome prince at the first sight. Their wedding was what we can think of. It is said that the wedding was about 7 days and 7 nights in the centre of the grotto.

caves in Vietnam

Another thing to know is about 4 pillars of the cave. These are such big ones with many patterns of animals and human beings. The last part of the cave is about a small stream with pure and clean water running all seasons of the year. You can feel how cool it is and enjoy such wonderful works of Mother Nature and human beings.

For anyone likes to adventure Thien Cung cave and enjoy Ha Long Bay beauty, please visit our tours to get a good choice for your next plan in Vietnam. You can take a Ha Long Bay tour short days or long-day tours, depending on your free time.

3. Huong Tich cave in Perfume pagoda-Ha Noi

Located in My Duc district, 70 kilometer from Ha Noi, Huong Tich cave is a great place for anyone to enjoy. It was said to be the best Vietnam caves, according to Trinh Sam Lord.

HUong Tich cave is among top caves in Vietnam

Huong Tich cave is among top caves in Vietnam

Huong Tich cave is a special and amazing cave in My Duc. To many Vietnamese people, this is an honoring place for Buddha. Many come to visit Huong Tich cave as well as Perfume pagoda. And being among top Vietnam caves, Huong Tich cave attracts many comers all over the world every year.

Top caves in Vietnam

Beside religious purpose, Huong Tich cave also give travelers wonderful moments to enjoy. If you get a chance to visit such great place like this, you can be fullfilled with amazing stalactites. There are many strange and unique shapes and sizes of stalactiles. They are named after their shapes such as Silver Tree, Golden Tree, Girl mountain, Boy mountain, Rice grout and Money dump. Although it will take time to visit all of these great features, but it really worths.

HUong Tich cave

Huong Tich cave-looking out

During the way to Huong Tich cave, you experience many unique things. Besides great stalactites above you all will feel exciting when hearing about “way to heaven”  and “way to hell”. To get to such places, you need to step down 120 steps, going through the middle parts with Rice grout and many more other stalactites. The very wonderful shape to see is about a statue called avalokiteśvara, which was carved long time ago in Tay Son time. If you want to visit Huong Tich in My Duc, you can choose to book a tour to Perfume pagoda 1 day and take time to get to Huong Tich cave as well.

4.Tam Coc-Bich Dong in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc -Bich Dong is also among the most stunning Vietnam caves. This is really a wonderful and great place to enjoy during your Vietnam best tours, especially if you are a like-discovering person. Located in Ninh Binh, Tam Coc -Bich Dong cave is not too far so you can take a bus or drive your motorbike to get to this wonderful hotspot.

Tam Coc-Bich Dong is number 2 in top caves in Vietnam

Tam Coc-Bich Dong is a great and amazing place to visit in Vietnam.

One of the very first thing to say about Tam Coc-Bich Dong cave is about its harmony. There are charming stalactites, pure waterways and stunning caves. You can easily get amazing pictures to show up with your friends and families. That is why Tam Coc-Bich Dong always attracts many travelers all over the world.

tam coc-bich dong

Recently years, Ninh Binh has become more famous for its tourism. If you get a chance to visit Ninh Binh, you can see that Tam Coc-Bich Dong stands out and be a great place to enjoy. As being considered the number 2 in top Vietnam caves, this charming place is a good destination for you to come and see.

Tam Coc-Bich Dong includes 3 smaller caves called: Hang Ca, Hang Hai and Hang Ba. These caves are formed by Ngo Dong river, which flows through mountains and pass long time to make such wonder like this. Besides the beauty of many places in Ninh Binh, you all can enjoy peaceful atmosphere and immerse yourself in nature during the tour.

Besides wonderful feeling when visiting inside caves, you can even enjoy the paddy field in Ninh Binh. Many rice fields make a colorful picture for Ninh Binh. This also makes a romantic way to Tam Coc-Bich Dong cave. You take great pictures when sitting on a boat, slowly sailing along the river and look round for many surrounding rock mountains. Not easy to be famous, Tam Coc-Bich Dong to the world is Ha Long on land. If you have ever visited Ha Long Bay before, you will know how beautiful this cave is to be said like that. That is the reason why Tam Coc-Bich Dong is listed in most wonderful Vietnam caves.

second cave in Vietnam

Hang Ca grotto is the first grotto I want to introduce today. This grotte is about 127 meters long. Its entrance is also big enough up to 20 meters, so many people can together get inside. This grotto is great because it is not cold but quite cool inside, especially great for summer. You can take picture of many stalactites with different sizes and shapes in Hang Ca grotto in your Vietnam adventure tour. The second grotto in Tam Coc-Bich Dong cave is Hang Hai. This is about 60 meters long and owns many unique stalactites in strange shape. Hang Ba is smallest, 50 meters long with low ceiling. To adventure all these 3 grottos, you need  at least 2 hours. But having a tour is not like a job, you need to enjoy each part deeply.

If you want to discover more about Tam Coc-Bich Dong cave, you can book a Ninh Binh tour in March, great time to adventure Vietnam. This province is also the wonderful place where King Kong film was performed.

5. Phong Nha cave-Quang Binh

Phong Nha cave in Quang Binh

Located in Quang Binh province, Phong Nha cave is considered a great hotspot of this area. This stands out with its magical beauty. Moreover, Phong Nha-Ke Bang is recognized a Word Heritage of Vietnam. So it is really great for you to get a tour to such destination like this.

After sailing on boat about an hour, you can get deeply inside the cave. No more hot weather, no more hot wind but just cool atmosphere and cool wind blowing. You can feel yourself fresh and immerse in nature inside.

Phong Nha cave is very famous in Vietnam

Among top Vietnam caves, Phong Nha cave is more than 7000 meters in length and 50 meters high. It includes many both small and big caves inside. The beauty of Phong Nha cave is very unique. It is magical with many stalactites in shapes of Dragons, Royal or Lions. Falling down stalactites give the cave a famous name as  Phong Nha. This means wind blowing through teeth.

Phong Nha cave in Phong Nha -Ke Bang area

Because Phong Nha cave is very wide, it includes more than 14 rooms and 3 caves named : Bi Ki, The fairy and Kingdom. Phong Nha cave has many great things and 7 best.

  • Longest water cave
  • Widest and Highest entrance
  • Most beautiful sand and reef
  • Best lake inside
  • Most visual and magnificent stalactites
  • Nicest river of Vietnam
  • And most beautiful and driest cave

6. Son Doong cave – the largest cave of the world

CNN travel has shared their view about Son Doong cave in Vietnam. They mentioned this the largest cave of the world. It was even in list of best places to visit in 2014(New York times).

Son Doong cave- the largest cave in Vietnam

Our next one in most amazing Vietnam caves is Son Doong. Son Doong cave is located in Quang Binh. First found in 1991 by a local, it has become more and more popular to the world.  This huge cave is so big that it can hold a 40-floor building inside. How amazing!

To many geologists, Son Doong cave was formed 2 to 5 million years ago. This was because the running of water. Son Doong cave is big enough for 68 Boeing 777 to land and no one know clearly about its length. It is such a big mystery to all travelers.

top caves in Vietnam

In a news of National Geographic, they mentioned that Son Doong cave is very big . It is big enough for 25 2-floor buses to be built up with its height approximately 240 meters and 91 meters in width. That is the reason why many still call this “Great wall of Vietnam”.

Son Doong cave in Quang Binh

There is even an Eden inside the cave. The ecosystem is very diversity with many trees growing naturally. Noone has known about this before. Noone has their first steps before. All about Son Doong are mysterious and wild. Among top caves in Vietnam, we can say that this Son Doong is the most mysterious cave to discover.

pearls in Son Doong cave

Moreover, this wonderful cave has many great shapes of stalactites and special pearls inside. Such “pearls” like these are so big that you can hold it like holding a baseball. In the world, such pearls are only 1 centimeter only. So amazing Son Doong is!

7. Paradise cave in Quang Binh

One more stunning cave to mention is Paradise cave in Quang Binh. This is even more beautiful than Phong Nha and Thien Cung in Ha Long. Another name for this cave is “underground palace”. That is the reason why you should visit this at least once in your life.

paradise cave in vietnam

There are two ways to get to the cave from the entrance. You can easily walk along and enjoy fresh air and immerse every second in nature. Besides that, you can save your energy and get on a train to get inside Paradise cave. After a long time waiting, you can see a cave of 60 meters in height, 31,4 in length  and 30-100 meters in width. Paradise cave is very unique because of its many strange stalactites. They are in different sizes and shapes.

paradise cave in quang binh

Stalactites in Paradise cave is listed in top amazing and beautiful stalactites of the world. And one more important thing is, stalactites is upside down! Only in this special cave, can you enjoy such amazing thing like this! See many wonderful works of Mother Nature and immerse yourself! It feel like you were in Heaven!

top caves in vietnam from north to south

Enjoying the beauty inside of the cave is greater if you can walk step by step up on a wooden bridge 1 kilometer. Then you can see everything is sparkling just like stars on the sky at night. This is the longest bridge in the cave in Asia. The temperature is really great inside because it reduce from 9 to 10 C degree, so visiting Paradise cave this summer is a smart choice!

After walking on the bridge, you can adventure other 7 kilometers of Paradise cave with your own eyes. Some like to take pictures of wonderful stalactites. Other can enjoy more to sail on boat through streams to  get to Heaven Well!

paradise cave picture

What about you, if you  have a chance, will you take time to enjoy Paradise’s beauty ? It is cheap and suitable for everybody. Quang Binh, a home of many top caves of Vietnam is really worth your time You can go with your friends and all together enjoy how Mother Nature create these fantastic things on our Earth.

8. Thach Dong cave in Ha Tien, Kien Giang

Thach Dong cave in Ha Tien

The number 8 in our top best Vietnam caves is Thach Dong cave. Thach Dong cave is about 5 kilometers from Ha Tien, My Duc, Kien Giang. It is 90 meters in height and has two gates. one in Ha Tien and another leading to My Duc’s field.

Thach Dong cave is a religious place in Vietnam. Many Buddhists come here to pray and express their belieft to Buddha. There is a pagoda inside the cave. This pagoda was built in 1790 and becomes popular after long time.

Another thing about Thach Dong cave is about its small corners. One way is open to Mui Nai beach, the other leads to “Heaven well” above. These two corners make Thach Dong cave more mysterious and attractive to travelers.

Thach Dong cave in Kien Giang province

Thach Dong cave is also famous for a folk story of Vietnam. Thach Sach story is popular to both the young and the old. A handsome man called Thach Sanh rescued the princess and then they fell in love with each other. Although the story is not true but many believe in its meaningful endings and make the story become a part of their childhood. 

With the most beautiful Vietnam caves above, we suggest you 8 best places to visit this summer. Well, for an amazing and fantastic tours in Vietnam, you should never miss such these wonderful hotspots. 





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