Marble Mountain Vietnam – A scenic sketch of Vietnam history and myths

Anyone coming to Da Nang – Vietnam has talked over and over about Marble Mountains Vietnam. What makes this attractions special? Let’s figure it out then I assure any of you gonna pack your bag then book a flight to Da Nang to visit it right the way.

Marble mountains are located in Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city. This is a cluster of 5 limestone mountains with distinguishable shapes and heights. People named them after 5 elements in feng-shui: Metal mountain, Wood mountain, Water mountain, Fire mountain, Earth mountain. Among those five, Water mountain seems to stand out for visitors as it is the biggest mountain in 5 mounts. You can visit this complex any time in a year, however summer is the best time to trek since the landscape of the region are pure and picturesque at its most this time.

1 – Why it’s worth a visit?

Scenic landscape and historical land

Whoever must admit that Marble Mountains is an unique complex thanks to its imposingly picturesque mountains in the middle of a spacious ground. Colourful and vivid rocks and block of stones had been maintained and revolutionized through years. They were preserved properly under Nguyen dynasty of Vietnam due to their valuable landscape in the region.

This area had witnessed the nation historical progress, from the beginning steps to the South to expand the land of Vietnamese ancestors. The trace of human being appearance were obvious in Marble Mountains since XIV century, especially the development of Cham culture in this land. Especially during the war between Vietnam and U.S Army, this area was chosen to be the most secret revolutionary base (now known as historical K20 revolutionary base)

The land marked the beginning for Buddhism which had a chance to spread its influence during the journey to the South of our ancestors. Throughout researches confirmed, Marble Mountains used to be a big Buddhist centre in the ancient time of Vietnam, played an important role during Nguyen dynasty – the last pheudalistic reign of Vietnam, which had an active participation of Japanese and Chinese trade men in Buddhism spread.

Feng Shui

The appearance of Marble Mountains seemed to be intentional which should be recognized as well. Northern mountain is Pagoda mountains (Mountain of Water), Eastern mountain is Cockscomb mountains (Mountain of Wood), Northern Western mountains is Rocky mountains (Mountain of Earth), Western mountains is Dung mountains (Mountain of Metal) and Southern ones is Fisherman mountains (Mountain of Fire). They were named after five elements of the world, according to theory of the East.

It could be hard for anyone to find any place beside Marble Mountains which contains both religious diversity (Buddhist pagodas, Taoist shrines, Guan Yu shrine, Cham historical sites which had been “Vietnameselized”), and magnificent scenery (stone caves, mysterious well). Not only that, there are mythical stone stellas, stone statues and literature traces on the cave precipices as the most vivid living proofs which went through the past and present at the present for us to find the way back to a mysterious time of Vietnam.

Legendary story about Marble Mountains

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman living on the seashore. One day after he finished his work and come back home, suddenly the sky turn grey, thunder and lighting appeared and seemed to swallow everything. He was so scared and ran quickly to his tent to hide from the anger of mother nature. Then he saw a dragon rising from the waves, crawling on the sand, then giving birth to a giant egg. No sooner after that, a golden turtle appeared from the sea and came to the fisherman shelter, then said to him “This is the egg of Dragon King of the sea. You have to protect it”.

The fisherman replied hopelessly: “I’m too old and weak, how can I”. Then the golden turtle gave him his nail, mentioning that whenever he was in danger, put this nail near his ears, then the turtle would appear and help him. Then the turtle disappeared. The fisherman followed the order from the Golden turtle and took care of the egg carefully.

There were many times the egg in danger because of the outsiders attack, however the fisherman, thanks to the help from the nail of the turtle, prevent them from killing the egg. The essence of Dragon King was still safe.

However, there was one time the tiny tent of the fisherman was burned. He asked for help from the nail again. Immediately, he saw himself in a gorgeous stone cave, outside protected by 5 mountains and the scenery was so beautiful. Suddenly, the egg cracked, and a beautiful girl showed up. That was a daughter of Dragon king. They live together in peace, like father and daughter.

One day, a prince of the country was wandering and saw the daughter. He fell in love with her, then rushed to come back to his kingdom to ask his father to marry her. Feeling sad but happy because of the girl’s happiness, the fisherman allowed to let her go, became wife of the prince.

After the girl followed her husband-to-be back to the kingdom, the golden turtle appeared and met the fisherman. The turtle asked him to join them to live together under the sea for eternity, as a reward for taking care of Dragon king’s daughter.

People remembered the fisherman’s contribution, then name the place they used to live as Non Nuoc, and called the mountains as Marble Mountains.

2 – Marble Mountain travel information

How to go to Marble Mountain

There are several ways for you to visit marble Mountain in Da Nang city.

Option 1: By bus

You can catch a bus Route 01: Da Nang central bus station – Hoi An bus station and ask the bus conductor to remind you to get off when they reach Marble Mountains. Please bare in mind that the bus only operates from 5.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

Option 2: By car/motorbike

Route 1

From Dragon bridge, move towards the east side of Han river, then continue to Ngo Quyen street (Highway 14B) to the south. When you reach Tran Thi Ly’s bridge roudabout, continue to go straight ahead to Ngu Hanh Son street, then Le Van Hien, then you can reach Marble Mountains. This is the shortest and easiest route among three recommended routes for car/motorbike because most of the routes are straights and there are just a few turning points

Route 2

From Dragon bridge, on the west side, move along 2/9 street (Hai Thang Chin street) to the south. Until you reach Xo Viet Nghe Tinh roundabout, go straight to 14B highway, then turn left to Hoa Xuan bridge, and continue on Nguyen Phuoc Lan street. Pass Trung Luong bridge and still continue on Nguyen Phuoc Lan street. Then turn to Mai Dang Chon road, then turn left to Le Van Hien street. Continue on the road for about 500 meters then you will reach Marble Mountains

Route 3

Seaside route. If anyone is interested in driving along with sightseeing, then this is your recommendation. From Dragon bridge, move ahead to My Khe beach, then turn left on Vo Nguyen Giap street. Continue on Truong Sa road after Vo Nguyen Giap street. You will meet a crossroad between Truong Sa road and Pham Huu Nhat road when you reach Hoa Hai commune, please turn right to Pham Huu Nhat road. Until the end of Pham Huu Nhat road, make a left turn to Le Van Hien road, then continue on this road for about 100 meters then you will reach Marble Mountains. Comparing to 2 other routes mentioned above, this route is less congested and has better view.

Marble Mountain Entrance fees

  • Entrance fee to visit Mountain of Water (Thuy Son)
  • Adult: 40.000 VND
  • Child (below the age of 6): Free
  • Student: 10.000 VND
  • Elevator fee (one way): 15.000 VND
  • Entrance fee to visit Am Phu Cave
  • Adult: 20.000 VND
  • Child (below the age of 6): Free
  • Student: 7.000 VND

Where to go in Marble mountains Vietnam

Linh Ung pagoda

Located on Mountain of Water, Linh Ung pagoda is the oldest and the most sacred pagoda of Da Nang. The highlight is the statue of Thích Ca Buddha 10 meter height. Behind Linh Ung pagoda there is a cave which is 10 meters long and 7 meters wide. Don’t miss it while you visit the site.

Tam Thai pagoda

Tam Thai pagoda lies on the west of Mountain of Water. It has 3 level of entrances and houses based on the writing of the word Vương (Wang, the King) in Chinese script.

Huyen Khong cave

This is the most beautifully sacred cave of Da Nang. The cave was an open cave with circular cupola. Around the cave there was dazzling stalatite attached on the wall, creating many interesting canvas and shapes. On the highest point of the cave, there was a statue of Thích Ca Buddha and other Buddhas below.

Am Phu cave

With the very special name, this is the most mysterious and complicated cave in the group of caves of Marble Mountains. There are two directions inside the cave: One towards heaven, one towards hell. They are connected by Am Phu bridge in the entrance of the cave, which believed to be used for the spirit of the dead passing by.

Quan Am cave

Like other caves in the area, Quan Am cave presents to visitor a dazzlingly marble look. But the most impressive point of it is the statue of Quan Ying. Moreover, if any visitor pays a little more attention to the cupola of the cave, there is a giant trace of five-finger print, a stone bell with absolute pure sound.

Hoa Nghiem cave

Also located on Mountain of Water, Hoa Nghiem cave is a small stone cave which is 17 meters in length, with the protection of 4 Guardians at the entrance. Inside people put a statue of Quan Ying to dedicate, and on the wall there is a display of a rare and priceless ancient stela named as Linh Trung Phật.

Besides Quan Ying, local also worship many other holy people for many purposes. You may find many unique display on the cupola of the cave.

Non Nuoc marble carving village

This is a great place for you to got lost! Marble souvenirs sound a bit heavy but they are worth it. You might have chance to witness the progress of carving from greatest carve men, visit the house dedicated to the ancestor of the craft, then buy as many beautiful and unique souvenirs as you can to bring home the best memories of Marble mountain Vietnam.

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