Infographic – All About Vientiane Travel

Hanoi is in its cold and humid winter, Phnom Penh sun shines all the time. Thus, your perfect choice this time for Indochina travel will definitely be Vientiane in Laos. The city has come to its ideal season to travel. Vientiane travel could be a bit laid-back to those who loves adventure, but who needs it here when we have things more interesting to be discovered in town?

Basic Introduction of Vientiane travel

Vientiane - Basic Information
Vientiane – Basic Information

The city’s price

Vientiane - Living Expenses
Vientiane – Living Expenses

The capital’s food and drink

Vientiane - Food and Drink
Vientiane – Food and Drink

What to do in Vientiane

Vientiane - Recommended Activities
Vientiane – Recommended Activities

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