Halong Bay in January : Weather, Cruise, Things to do, What to wear?

The winter has wriggled in every corner of Halong Bay in January the weather is quite cold and drizzled, and it is a little misty in the early morning. In contrast with what others think about the January in Halong Bay, January is a busy time when the New Year and Lunar New Year are getting near, and people are ready for their long holiday.


What is Halong Bay weather in January?

Halong Bay weather in January is dry and cold, the average temperature is about 17°C which is quite pleasant for Western visitors. The sun shines for more about 7 hours, thus it is not always sunny, the sky is cloudy and occasionally gray. The temperature drops significantly in early morning and evening when the low temperature reaches 14°C. In contrast, the highest temperature can be as high as 25°C, the average high temperature is around 20°C.

  • Average temperature: 14°C
  • Average sea Temperature: 20°C
  • Monthly rainfall: 3mm over an average of 10 days
  • Average hours of the sunshine per day: 7 hours


Since the dry season in Vietnam lasts from November to April, January is the month with the lowest level of rainfall only 3mm on the average of 10 days. During this month, the average hour of sunshine per day is 7 hours. The change of getting a cloudy day in January is as high as 72% which mean about 21 days of this month will be cloudy; the bright side is your skin won’t get burnt by the sunshine.

While the average temperature is low, the average temperature is 29°C which is quite a surprise, you will be able to swim in the calm water of the bay.

Why you should visit Halong Bay in January?

  • The cooler temperatures that come with the Halong Bay weather in January are ideal for getting active and exploring the surrounding areas. It’s still warm enough to enjoy spending time outdoors and not be cold.
  • The lack of rainfall means that your booking reservation will be extremely reliable and it is highly unlikely your trip would be called off because of weather factors.
  • The dry weather and lack of humidity are perfect conditions for going outside and enjoying the caves, grottoes, beaches, and countless islands.

Activities on Halong Bay in January

The cold weather does not affect much to popular activities of Halong Bay cruise, however, on some occasions when the wind is too strong or the sea is covered fully in fog, activities such as kayaking, swimming, visiting cave may be postponed. Still, the BBQ on the beach would be pleasant during this time, the hot food served right after it is cooked.

You will love to spend most of your time in the water because it is much warmer but remember to take care of yourselves as you might get a cold due to the sudden change of surrounding temperature. Another option is squid fishing, it is the only activity held at night. Visitors will be provided rods and racquets and are guided how to catch the squids, all the squids caught will be cooked in the next day meal.


During January, the only thing concern you must is the weather, whether it is sunny, cloudy, windy or foggy. It is hard to say, the weather in Halong is quite unpredictable, and in the worse scenario, your trip would be canceled because of the weather condition. You should check the weather often and ask travel agents for more information if needed. Spare some alternative plans for the change or looking for another destination.

What to prepare when joining Halong Bay cruise in January

Although the weather is mainly cloudy, you still should bring hat, sun cream and sunglasses with you for outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming or visiting the cave.  For this period of time, the chance of cancellation is relatively low, but you should check the weather forecast for certain for the fluctuating temperature.

  • All prescription and over-the-counter medications and a first-aid kit, insect repellent in a sealable plastic storage bag.
  • For beach days, pack two swimsuits, one beach cover-up or large T-shirt, two rash guards, one baseball hat or wide-brimmed sun hat and flip-flops or waterproof sandals per traveler.
  • You might want to bring a waterproof bag for your phone or camera.
  • Pack light windbreaker coat and sweater for the cold day.


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