Ha Giang, Vietnam – Things to do, Travel Guides & Tips 2019

Among best places to visit, Ha Giang, Vietnam is popular to many travellers. If you want to enjoy beauty of high mountains and majestic landscapes, you can not miss Ha Giang, the northern province of Vietnam. Let’s together discover the featured beauty of this destination.

Dong Van - Ha Giang Vietnam

I) Where to visit in Ha Giang, Vietnam?

There are many great places to visit in Ha Giang. In every districts of Ha Giang you can easily find a beautiful destination to adventure and discover. From Quan Ba to Dong Van, wonderful majestic views will blow your mind and make you breathless.To have best Vietnam tours, especially in northern provinces of Vietnam, you should never miss these top 10 places in Ha Giang.

  1. Dong Van rock plateau

This is why many say come to visit Ha Giang, Vietnam. Dong Van is very famous and popular for its tourism and beauty. A traveller should never miss Dong Van rock plateau during their tours to Ha Giang, among best places to visit in Vietnam This is not only a tourism destination but also a mysterious places for scientists to discover. In December of 2010, at last this was recognized by UNESCO and become a wonderful heritage of the world.

Dong Van rock plateau includes many rock in different shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of rock to visit and discover. You can see all of them along the way to Dong Van and all are in strange shapes. On many of them, people find out ancient letters but until now, they even can not know its meanings. Many scientists come here to discover the mystery. Many other travellers come to get good pictures of Ha Giang landscapes.

  1. Mansion of Vuong family

Mansion of Vuong Family - Ha Giang Vietnam
Mansion of Vuong Family

The second destination to visit in Ha Giang is Mansion of Vuong family. This is like a gem of Vietnam in the forest. This huge mansion is surrounded by high ancient green trees. Through long time and history, this Vuong mansion still keeps its mysterious beautiful nature.

Mansion of Vuong family in Ha Giang is among best places to visit. This was first buit in 1019, and completed in 10 years later. This is a very expensive mansion with about 150 billion of Vietnam dong. In Vuong mansion, you can find many treasures of Vuong family. Stable woods used includes great stories to tell, which stay still during times and ages. You can ask your local tour guide for Vuong family history to listen to their stories and immerse with the nature.

  1. Lung Cu flag tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower Ha Giang, Vietnam
Lung Cu Flag Tower Ha Giang, Vietnam

Lung Cu flag tower is Vietnam north pole. Many take Vietnam motorcycle tours to get to this wonderful place. To get to Lung Cu flag pole, you have to ride about 150 kilometers and step up almost 400 steps up to the high mountains. It is such an amazing moment to get to the peak if it. From dong Van rock plateau, you can hire a motorbike to visit this wonderful place. 

From high place like Lung Cu flag tower, you can have a great view of Dong Van. Under the mountains, you can see ethnic villages and discover their local life. High mountains with Hanh Phuc road (Happy Road) will become smaller and within your eye view.

  1. Happy road in Ha Giang,Vietnam

The last of top 4 best destinations in Ha Giang is happy road. This happy road last about 200 kilometers, connecting many districts of Ha Giang.

Happy road is not only a road to ride, but also a road of love and sacrifice. Hundreds of young people spent time and life to make this in about 6 years. It is a story of union and warm hearts.

If you come to visit this Happy road, the best and most majestic place to visit is Ma Pi Leng pass. Happy road connects Dong Van and Meo Vac, with Ma Pi Leng pass will blow your mind.

  1. Ma Pi Leng pass- top 4 passes of Vienam

Ma Pi Leng - Ha Giang Vietnam

Coming to Ha Giang without visiting Ma Pi Leng is a pity. Many just come to see how wonderful it is. You can see during your Vietnam tours, many ride motorbikes a long way to have a stop at Ma Pi Leng pass.

Ma Pi Leng- one of the most dangerous passes in Ha Giang Vietnam

Ma Pi Leng pass means horse nose. To many travellers, this is among top 4 most dangerous passes of Vietnam. Many curves and high position make Ma Pi Leng beauty and features. You can see mountains under your feet, see local villages with their life far from your seat. Rock mountains in the right hands become cold at high places and this is difficult to ride with rainy weather.

The deepest canyon – Tu San:

Stunning View from Ha Giang Vietnam

  1. Dong Van old quater

Dong Van Old Quarter Ha Giang Vietnam
Dong Van Old Quarter Ha Giang

Dong Van old quater in Ha Giang is among best places to visit in Ha Giang,Vietnam. Dong Van old quater is small, with many old long houses. There are 40 houses in this old quater. Now you can easily find Vietnamese food and coffee around the quater. Enjoying featured food and get some minutes to visit Dong Van center market on Sunday is a great experience.

  1. Quan Ba twin mountains

Like twin couples, Quan Ba twin mountains are special and featured with its full shapes. Its beauty is like a younng lady with charming appearance. Among high and majestic mountains, this destination is a stop with romantic beauty.

Riding through long way and mountains, from high position, you can get a great view of Quan Ba twin mountains, with its very special shapes, you can’t stand to say Woahh at least one time.

  1. Lung Cam village- Pao’s story Vietnam movie

Lung Cam Village - Ha Giang vietnam
Lung Cam Village

If you have ever heard about Pao’s story Vietnam movie, you can see how beautiful Lung Cam village is. This ethnic village is attractive to many visitors, both for younger and older. Many of them are just travellers, some are journalists and directors.

This ethnic village is among top best villages in Ha Giang. You can find from the internet about Pao’s story movie. Because of its beauty and meaningful content, Pao’s story won Golden Kite Prize, a very famous prize of Vietnam movie assosiation.

  1. Hoang Su Phi terrace

Among best places to visit North of Vietnam, you can not miss yellow terrace in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang. It is such wonderful to see how terraces are in high mountains of this northern province.

Hung Su Phi Terrace - Ha Giang Vietnam


Ethnic people in Ha Giang earn living with farming. You can not only enjoy terrace beauty but also enjoy great featured food of Ha Giang with corn on this destination. Hoang Su Phi terraces are beautiful with yellow color of ripe rice, and green of young rice, too.

  1. Lung Tam village – Brocade weaving village

Lung Tam Village - Borage Weaving Village in Ha Giang Vietnam
Lung Tam Village

From high position looking down, Lung Tam is a small village of white Mong people. This is famous for its brocade weaving with handicraft products.

In this ethnic village, you can find for your friends and family great souvenirs such as bags, clothes, handkerchiefs, scarfs,…All are made by skillful artists with great experience.

You can also enjoy and discover about their way to make woven linen and dye, featured beauty of the village.

II) Best time to visit Ha Giang, Vietnam- Flower triangular circuit

Someone says that Sung La is the place rocks can even blossom. It is quite strange but the truth. This Sung La has many rocks in different styles. None can imagine how Sung La changes with flower triangular circuit period. In spring, many beautiful flowers blossom, make Sung La, Ha Giang is a great picture of life and love.

  1. January- peach and plum blossom

Ha Giang in January - Best time to visit Ha Giang Vietnam
Ha Giang in January

In January, you can easily find your great destinations in Ha Giang, one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

In Quan Ba, Dong Van, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, all peach and plum flowers blossom. This make Dong Van rock plateau become greater and colorful of white and pinks with black rocks mountains. You can find yourself immerse with nature whenever you come to visit.

  1. April- love market in Khau Vai

Khau Vai love market is a very famous feature of Ha Giang. You should never miss this wonderful time to visit Vietnam during your trip. Your best Vietnam travel itinerary can not complete without Khau Via love market experience.

On 27 of March( lunar calendar), travellers say come to visit Ha Giang. During this time, you can all see ethnic people in their traditional dress. Young people gather in Khau Vai market to find their lovers and entertain. Many then get married and become wife and husband.

Love market in Ha Giang Vietnam
Love market in Ha Giang, northern province of Vietnam

This special day is also time for you to enjoy great voice of young ladies. Men will perform playing flute and trumpet to show their skill and get new aquaintances.  You can list this among things to do in Vietnam for your next holiday tour, to get new experience of Vietnam northern beauty.

  1. May-  Ha Giang in water season

This time is the best time for you to see young rice. From May to July, rice is full of water. Small rice grows up with water is great to enjoy. You can choose to visit Ha Giang this time to see and discover more about it.

Ha Giang Vietnam in water season - Best time to visit

  1. September/October – Ha Giang with ripe rice

best places to visit in Vietnam
Best places to visit in Vietnam

Yellow color covers all terraces is such great moment to enjoy and immerse in Vietnam. Among best time to visit Vietnam, September is great to take a tour to northern provinces of this Asia country. You can not miss this wonderful moments when all rice at the right time to be harvested.

  1. November- Ha Giang with flower festival

Ha giang Vietnam in buckwheat season

November is the best time to visit Ha Giang, top best places to visit in Vietnam. None can ignore the beauty of small flower – Bucket Wheat Followers. Many small flowers are put along the way to Ma Pi Leng pass, in Dong Van center.

Bucket Wheat Followers is featured for Ha Giang. Small flowers with its light purple color make many miss even after the tours. These are on rock mountains, make this majestic more charming and appealing to travellers.

  1. December- Time of snow

It is cold in Vietnam. We all know that. But in Vietnam, seeing snow is very rare. You can not enjoy this if you are in Ha Noi or big cities. Only in Ha Giang or Sapa, northern provinces of Vietnam, you can do this. Having a tours to Vietnam, you can even see snow in December cold. This time, Ha Giang even can not reach 10oC degree. It is cold with foggy weather. Why not spend time with us to enjoy this great moment in life?

III) What to eat in Ha Giang-Ha Giang,Vietnam culinary

  1. Stuffed pancake in Dong Van

Stuffed pancake in Ha Giang - Ha Giang vietnam specialty

This is a very popular food in Vietnam. Not only in big city, in Ha Giang you can easily find this. stuffed pancake in Dong Van is soft, full of onion and meat grinded. Using your chopsticks and take a taste of this, you can feel warm inside your body.

  1. Thang Den- Meo Vac

Thang Den - Meo Vac in Ha Giang Vietnam
Thang Den – Meo Vac in Ha Giang

This strange food may make many people feel wonderful for the first try. Thang Den in Meo Vac with 2 or 3 balls of cakes will make you feel full. This is good for your health during cold days, because it includes ginger slices with sesame seeds.

  1. Bac Me lam rice

Bac Me Lam Rice - Ha giang Vietnam signature
Bac Me Lam Rice

Among best food to try in Vietnam, Bac Me lam rice is very popular to travellers. Boiled rice in small long roll of bamboo make the food taste well. It is soft, sticky, and aromatic. Many can buy such things like these to give for friends after their Ha Giang, Vietnam travel itineraty.

  1. Persimmon without seeds in Quan Ba

Persimmon without seeds in Quan Ba Ha Giang Vietnam
Persimmon without seeds in Quan Ba Ha Giang

For anyone like eating persimmon, Quan Ba must be a great place to visit. This persimmon in Quan Ba is very delicious without seeds. This kind of orange is sold from August to November. You can take a tour to Ha Giang,Vietnam buy some kilograms to enjoy during the tours and help your family have good taste. Of course, this is also make Ha Giang among best places to visit in Vietnam.

  1. Ha Giang oranges

Ha Giang is very famous for its special oranges. Oranges in Ha Giang is popular, sold in many big cities of Vietnam. This kind of fruit is sweet, much water and includes many vitamin for our body. You can visit Ha Giang late of the year, November and December to enjoy this.

  1. Pig armpit

Pig armpit in Ha Giang,Vietnam
Pig armpit in Ha Giang,Vietnam

Never miss this when you have a tour to Sapa and Ha Giang, best places to visit of Vietnam. This featured food is about small black pig of ethnic family. They do not feed the animals with chemical  things, but let them find their food themself. Pig armpit can be used to enjoy in many ways: boil, grill, fry.

  1. Shan snow tea- high quality

San Snow tea in ha Giang vietnam
San Snow tea in ha Giang

This kind of featured food is very famous in Ha Giang,Vietnam. Shan snow tea is very expensive and famous for northern province of Vietnam. This kind of tea can be found in many places of Ha Giang. From forest, ethnic people come to take very fresh and clean tea buds, make them dry and at last make them to have best Shan snow tea as you often see. Tea in Ha Giang can be harvested 4 times per years, so it is very popular and easy to find places to buy. You can get to many shops along the way to buy this famous tea, enjoy during special time, especial on Tet holiday.

  1. Mint honey

Mint honey- best souvenirs in Ha Giang Ha giang vietnam
Mint honey- best souvenirs in Ha Giang

Among most bought souvenirs in Ha Giang, mint honey is in list. This best place to visit in Vietnam can be great for you to choose origin honey. Honey is very useful for  both health and beauty. Mint honey in Ha Giang is famous, rare and worth. This is aromatic, light sweet and very good for out health. To find origin mint honey, you can get to some places in Dong Van, or during your tour to Ma Pi Leng pass.

9. Black bone chicken- a must try food in Ha Giang

Black bone chicken- a must try food in Ha Giang Vietnam
Black bone chicken- a must try food ỉn Hà Giang

The last among top must try food in Ha Giang,Vietnam is black chicken. This is not only black outside but inside, too. Black bone chicken is very popular in ethnic villages. This chicken meat is sweet, soft and contains great proteins. This can be cooked with mushrooms, ginseng to make a great remedy. You can get to Ha Giang restaurants to enjoy this food.

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