A Complete Guide to Da Nang Bridges

Before Golden Bridge, Da Nang is known as the beautiful coastline town, so perfect for relaxing and healing. Nowadays, with the rise of Golden Bridge and Dragon Bridge, Da Nang is now also known as a city of modern architecture with gorgeous bridges. There are 10 Da Nang bridges crossing Han River in the city and five of them were once ‘the symbol of Da Nang’ and it’s a hard job to determine which bridge is the most beautiful of them all, even for the locals.

Beautiful Bridges to Visit in Da Nang

Golden Bridge

Vietnam Landscape
A giant pair of hands lifts Golden Bridge into the sky

As the most famous bridge in Da Nang and in Vietnam in 2018, Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills boasts a graceful and sophisticated architecture and design. Was the main attraction of Da Nang in the entire year of 2018, Golden Bridge has become the new symbol of this beautiful city.

Designed by TA Landscape Architecture, Golden Bridge is set in Thien Thai garden, Ba Na Hills and blessed with the magnificent scenery of the Ba Na Mountain. The bridge is 150m long, gilded and inspired by the idea of a golden silk trip held by the hands of gods.

da nang bridge

On the footbridge side, lavender and Chrysanthemums are planted, adding even more colors to the sparkling bridge.

Not surprising, this striking appearance easily made Golden Bridge a tourist trend, not only to foreign travelers but also to domestic travelers.

Dragon Bridge 

da nang bridge

Dragon Bridge, older than Golden Bridge (and much closer), has long been the symbol of Da Nang in the new era. Constructed in 2013, Dragon Bridge quickly became a hot trend thank to its magical look – the whole bridge is made into a giant golden dragon crossing the Han River in Da Nang. The total length of the bridge is about 666m with six lanes for traffic.

da nang bridge

One thing to expect to see at Dragon Bridge is the water and fire breathing show during the weekends and holidays. You can come to the bridge at 9pm on these days to see the dragon breaths fire and water. If you’re traveling Vietnam with kids, they would definitely love it.

Han River Bridge

da nang bridge

The oldest ‘symbol of Da Nang’ – Han River Bridge was designed by Vietnamese engineers and first opened in 2000. The bridge marked a period of development and a youthful dynamic.

Although during the daytime, the bridge might not stand out, but in the nighttime, it’s when the beauty of Han River Bridge is shown in its glory.

Three Da Nang bridge in the International Fireworks Festival

When the sun goes down, the bridge’s lights are on, a large part of the river will be lit up colorfully, embellishing the city even more. In the past, it was fascinating to come and watch the Han River Bridge swing at night and Han River Bridge is the only swing bridge in Vietnam.

To watch this bridge, you can join a river cruise along the dreamy Han River at night.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

da nang bridge

Or Nguyen Van Troi-Tran Thi Ly Bridge is different from all other bridges in Da Nang. In fact, each bridge in Da Nang has its own style, making them distinctive from others.

Inaugurated on Danang Liberation Day (29/3/2013), Tran Thi Ly Bridge makes heads turn because of its demanding structure and design. The bearings located under the pylon are the largest ever to be used in bridge structures in the entire world.

da nang bridge

The inclined pylons are 145 meter high creating a sail-shaped bridge on the water of Han River. It’s such a pleasure to watch the bridge during both daytime and nighttime.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

da nang bridge

Thuan Phuoc is a suspension bridge that crosses the lower Han River in Da Nang City. The most highlighted feature of Thuan Phuoc bridge is the two major pillars with the height of 80m, lit up so brightly at night.

da nang bridge
Thuan Phuoc Lighthouse

Thuan Phuoc has a modern outlook, full of charm and splendor. This bridge is located at a special location where the river flows to the sea at the Southern Da Nang Bay. Thuan Phuoc connects coastal road Nguyen Tat Thanh and Vo Nguyen Giap street. So you’ll enjoy a great sight of the ocean when crossing this bridge.

Things to do near Da Nang Bridge

Let’s see what are there to do around these gorgeous bridges.

  1. Check out Love Bridge and “Carp Turns into A Dragon” Statue near Dragon Bridge

da nang bridge

Right next to the magnificent Dragon Bridge, you can your loved one can spend your time on the Love Bridge. Inspired by the love bridges from all over the worlds, Love Bridge in Da Nang is also the place couples can leave their lock on the bridge’s balcony.

Most impressive is the hundreds of red-heart-shaped lanterns hung across the bridge, lit up so brightly when night comes. Next to the bridge is the iconic Carp Turns into A Dragon statue which represents a story of patience, dedication, and determination.

  1. Visit the lighthouse at the foot of Thuan Phuoc Bridge

da nang bridge

At the foot of Thuan Phuoc Bridge lies a beautiful stone bridge leading to a dreamy lighthouse. It’s a wonderful place to have pretty pictures and a small picnic.

  1. Have a blast at Ba Na Hills

A photo from a flycam of Ba Na Hills - your road to heavenly scenery.
A photo from a flycam of Ba Na Hills – your road to heavenly scenery.

It’s not a rational decision to visit Ba Na Hills just for a bridge, right? Even more so since Ba Na Hills is one of the top attractions in Da Nang with a lot of things to do.

With the magnificent beauty of French architecture, you’ll find here a really enjoyable time to relax and recreate.

  1. Cruising on Han River

da nang bridge

Han River cruise is the perfect dinner you are looking for. Each cruise is equipped with two restaurants, 1 bar and 1 café on the deck, taking tourists to Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge and Bach Dang Street. You can easily book for Han River Cruise for about $4 per person.

  1. Check out the nightlife scene along Han River

Along Han River are countless of street food vendors and street food stalls selling Da Nang own specialties. Enjoy a nightly stroll along these streets and enjoy the delicacies of Da Nang would be an interesting experience.

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A Complete Guide to Da Nang Bridges
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