Top 21 best must-try dishes of Cambodia street food

Cambodia street food is what you really need to know. More than 20 delicious dishes served well in your Khmer food list will help you ease the stomach.

Trying Cambodia food is an experience you can’t miss in any Vietnam – Cambodia tour.

1.Num Pang

cambodia street food-num pang

Num Pang- a Cambodia street food

Like Vietnam, this South East Asia country is also famous for its special bread: Num Pang. Cambodia bread is attractive with pate, mayonnaise, pepper, salad, pork and cheese. You can get one from any street you go through. They are delicious when hot served. This can even be found in many Phnom Penh street food blogs from the internet.

2. Ngeav Chamhoy

Cambodia oyster is called Ngeav chamhoy. This wonderful Cambodia street food is a favorite dish of Phnom Penh people. Khmer use lemon leaves, ginger, pepper and citronella to make it taste well. You can enjoy a bowl of Ngvea chamhoy with chili sauce. Worth to try!

3.Nom Banh Chok

Can not ignore this Nom Banh Chok from our Cambodia street food list. A common sight in Cambodia is that many burdeners serve this food along the famous cities. It is very simple to make this dish. Some bean sprouts, banana flower thin slices, cucumbers and noodles will make this dish come true. Although it is simple but Cambodia food recipes make it special. You can get to Russia market- a famous destination to enjoy Nom Banh Chok during the tour.

4.Bai Sach Chrouk

cambodia street food

(Source: SBS)

This is of course in list of Cambodia street food. Every morning, many Cambodians gather at the restaurants and roadside diners to enjoy Bai Sach Chrouk In fact, it is a kind of rice with grilled pork. Hot rice with sweet aromatic grilled pork will make anyone cannot ignore. Cambodian even use a very featured ingredient to make it: coconut milk. This way make the food taste better and more aromatic. You can ask for cucumber slices and chili sauce to enjoy it good way.


5.Num Plae Ai

Small white rice cakes are very wonderful to try while you are in Cambodia. Along the streets are many burdeners with rice cakes on their hands. These cakes have jaggery caramel inside with coconut fiber covers. Very cool, sweet and cheap are what we can say. Getting to Sisowath Quay to enjoy Num Plae Ai next time!

6.Cambodia BBQ

CAMBODIA STREET FOODCambodia BBQ among Cambodia street food

BBQ seems to be very common in Asia countries. From Vietnam to Thailand, Myanmar and now Cambodia. If you get to Cambodia on wet weather, it is really great to enjoy hot BBQ. There are many kinds of BBQ in cambodia: seafood, ducks, chickens and especially belostomatids.

7.Jaggery wine and water

Cambodia street food cannot miss jaggery. This is among Cambodia culinary. Cambodia jaggery can be used to make wine and water. In Cambodia dry season, having a glass of jaggery water is such a fantastic thing to do!

8.Num Sang Khya l‘peou

cam,bodia street food

Num Sang Khya I’peou in Cambodia

This long name food is difficult to say, but delicious to enjoy. In Cambodia, Num Sang Khya l‘peou is a special dish made from a pumpkin with eggs inside. Jaggery and coconut milk added to make the food become better. Khmer people have to steam this pumpkin in about 30 minutes to make things great enough to try. You will fall in love with this right after you enjoy it!


One more Cambodia culture food is Amok fish. This is a very daily dish of Cambodia. People use banana leaves or coconut to hold this. A good catfish is chosen, then cooked for a long time with sugar, eggs and some more ingredients. You can try many kinds of Amok like Amok fish, Amok chicken.

10.Coconut water

Easy, simple but wonderful! This normal Cambodia street food will ease your thirsty very fast and help you get cool in hot days. It is cheap, good for health and can buy anywhere. This is also a special ingredient in many Cambodia food. A great place to visit is Sihanouk, 51 avenues. Good service, delicious coconut water!

11.Cha Houy Teuk

cambodia street food

Cambodia Cha Houy Teuk

This is a must try food in Siem Reap. Very colorful with yellow of pumpkin, red of red peas, white of rice flour and purple of cocoyam. This is used with coconut water and cold ice, with gelatin dessert. You can not ignore its attraction whenever you pass by the road. Prepare some change and you can have a full cup of Cha Houy Teuk to eat!

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Very special in Cambodia culture traditions: fried insects from ants, crickets to spiders. You may think it is unbelievable but it is awesome when enjoying! Don’t be scary but try your best to taste this Cambodia street food in your itinerary! Wonderful experience!


This is not only famous in Cambodia but also in Center of Vietnam. But the taste of each country is different. To make prahok( also pro hoc), the chief has to use best freshwater fish, wash and then use salt to make them clean. Cambodia prahok is saltier than Vietnam one. You can enjoy prahok with hot rice, or with hotpot. It is very tasty!

14.Duck Egg

It seems to be strange to many travelers. But in Cambodia, people eat duck eggs daily. This country is famous for its duck raising with delicious ducks. Boiled duck eggs are sold everywhere in Cambodia. This is also Vietnamese balut. You can taste it with chili sauce or peppercorn. This is truly amazing!

15.Phnom Penh Noodles

cambodia street food

(Source: youtube)

This next Cambodia street food is very popular even to Vietnamese. In Vietnam, Phnompenh means Nam Vang, so they call this as Nam Vang noodles.This originates from Cambodia, but the Chinese use the recipe to make it with water from minced meat. It is added some vegetables such as bean sprouts and chives.

16.Mi char

Mi Char is Cambodia stirred noodles. This is popular most to the young. There are many kinds of Mi Char: rice noodles, egg noodles or instant noodles. Cambodian will stir these noodles with soy, fish sauce, beef, fried eggs and vegetables. This can not be without chili sauce. So nutritious and delicious to enjoy!

17.Cambodian Bamboo Sticky Rice

One more thing to add in your things to do in Cambodia list is: enjoying bamboo sticky rice. This is called Kralan in Khmer. Cambodia people use rice with black beans, add some more coconut milk to make it aromatic. After mix all of them together, they put the mixture inside bamboo and grill it on fire. This can also be met in Thailand and Vietnam. So you can take an Asia tour to enjoy this in 3 different countries.

18.Cambodia Sausages
cambodia street food

(Tevy’s Kitchen)

Cambodia sausages are sweet and best to use with beer during hot days. On the streets of Cambodia cities, you can see many vendors with sausages busy selling. There is one interesting thing that Khmer use palm sugar to make this taste a bit fatty. You can buy a skewer or just small cut ones to try the taste!


Cambodia coffee is sold along the street on the carts. Iced coffee has another name, Gah-fay dteuk-gork. It is a long name for some kind of sweet drink. Cambodia often uses much milk to make iced coffee. You can get one on your way to refresh from tiredness after walking a long time.

20.Cambodia wrapping cakes

It is like Vietnamese wrapping cakes, but different ingredients. If you have a hot one, you can see there are many delicious things inside the cake. This Nom Pao can be eaten at lunch or in the morning. You can also find steamed corns and duck eggs from these vendors. 

21.Snails with Coke

Can not stop your itinerary if having not enjoyed stirred snails in Cambodia. This last Cambodia street food is very special because it is cooked with Coke. Cambodia children can help their parents to make this well. They boil snails, stir onions, gingers, citronella and peppers, then add snails and stir all together. During this time, they add some coke to make it taste wonderful! Of course, you never try it before! Amazing! Interesting!

With these 21 Cambodia street food like this, you can easily get your best Cambodia tour

Top 21 best must-try dishes of Cambodia street food
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