How to have best 5 days in Cambodia-Cambodia itinerary & tips to travel

Welcome to Cambodia, country of pagodas and temples! Being Well-known for its Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia now has become a familiar country to many tourists all over the world. Today, let’s together prepare a great Cambodia Itinerary for your coming classic Cambodia tour 5 days!

Cambodia itinerary 5 days: Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia (Source:


Cambodia has its full name as the Kingdom of Cambodia. The capital Phnom Penh is a very famous and popular city to the world. This 1,3 million population city attracts thousands of tourists every year.

This Asia country shares the same borders with Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. Every year, tons of cloths are exported to many countries of the world.

In Cambodia, people use Khmer as their official language. They also speak Vietnamese, English, Chinese and France in some parts to communicate and trade.


How many seasons in Cambodia? Being close to Vietnam, this mysterious country has only 2 seasons: wet season and dry one. Wet season starts from April and lasts to November of the same year. This time does not have many festival and tourists often choose the rest season to visit this country.

Cambodia dry season is from November to May of next year. It is very cool in the January and  a bit hot later months. This season is the best and wonderful time to visit “country of pagodas and temple”. You can enjoy  featured festivals such as Bon Oum Tuk Bonn Chol Chnam Thmey and Bom Chaul Chnam.


Day 1: Siem Reap arrival-half day tour at Roluos group

The first stop is Siem Reap city, which is among top 3 most famous cities of Cambodia. This destination is a must see in Cambodia during your trip. Many consider this beautiful city as the most famous city of “country of pagodas and temples”.

On your arriving to Siem Reap city, visiting Roluos group will help you understand more about Hinduism.This includes: Bakong, Lolei and Preah Ko.

Roluos group

The first day of you all will continue wonderfully with a delicious dinner while enjoying traditional Cambodia dance: Apsara. Apsara is a royal dance, also known as Cambodia fairy dance. It is very elegant and noble dance in this Asia country. Many dancers in traditional dress of Cambodia slowly express their love and beauty step by step. Do not miss such a wonderful chance to enjoy a wonderful performance like this in your Cambodia itinerary.

Day 2: Full day Angkor Thom-Angkor Wat temple discovery

Can not miss the most famous Cambodia tourism site: Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. This well-known architectural complex is pride of Cambodia people for a long time even before it was recognized UNESCO world heritage. Being built in IX century, Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat now becomes symbol of Cambodia to the world. If you want to fulfill your Cambodia tours , visiting these must-not-miss places  are what you have to do!

Angkor Thom was once capital of Cambodia, during King Giaiavacman VII age. This 16,2 kilometer capital is a very romantic and beautiful site in many tourists’ eyes. Huge carving works must have required much time, patience and skills and just only professional artists can make these majestic products.

Being located close to Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat- Combodia point of interestalso makes many travellers falling in love with. This 7th world wonder is to the south east of Yasodhara-pura, and was built in such a very wide area. Angkor Wat includes 1 center temple up to 42 meter and 4 other smaller temples surrounding. Tourists can freely visit this mysterious temple and enjoy pure water outside. 

With great architecture, Angkor complex is a really great destination in your Cambodia itinerary. Are you ready to go ?

Day 3: Siem Reap- small and main circuit

Siem Reap city (source: Adventurous Miriam)

Welcome to Siem Reap, a Combodia place must visit in any Cambodia tours.There are many things to enjoy, to discover in this most famous Cambodia city. After experiencing Apsara, traditional dance of Cambodia and visiting Angkor Wat, 7th world wonder, you can discover Siem Reap again.

There are also many featured dishes to try in Siem Reap city. Amok fish is special for its ingredients. Local people use coconut water and banana leaf to make this Amok taste well. You can order Amok in your Cambodia itinerary without checking menu. This dish is very popular. You can also enjoy other featured dishes such as fried chili insects, bamboo sticky rice, Khmer cakes, Cambodia BBQ, green mango salad and stir-fried ants with beef! Such a wonderful moment to enjoy all of them, right?

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Day 4: Tonle Sap lake visit- flight to Phnom Penh

Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia itinerary (source: BookMundi)

The next day in your Cambodia itinerary, you will visit Tonle Sap lake,  the biggest South East Asia freshwater lake. There are about 3 millions people living on the lake.These people earn their living by fishing and selling. Visiting Tonle Sap lake on Cambodia dry season is a good choice to enjoy peaceful life here. Tourists can also enjoy dinners at restaurant on the lake . Watching crocodiles is another way to relax.

royal palace phnompenh

Cambodia itinerary at Royal Palace ( source: adventure in you)

After this wonderful time, tourists can rest and sleep during flying to Phnom Penh. The next stop is Royal Palace & Silver pagoda. Located in the center of this capital city, Royal palace has appealed thousands of visitors around the world.There are many magnificent buildings to visit and discover. The Silver Pagoda close to the palace is the very important place where Cambodia treasures are kept times after times. This complex make Phnom Penh is always in list of any best Cambodia tours ever!

Tours recommended:

Day 5: Half day Phnom Penh city tour- Departure

Phnom Penh was once called” pearl of Asia”. This city is really a golden area for Cambodia tourism to develop. Some famous Cambodia street dishes are Num Pang bread, Nom Banh Chok noodle and Mi Char noodle. All of these make Phnom Penh more appealing and become beloved place in any Cambodia tours.

Cambodia itinerary : Toul sleng museum

Toul Sleng museum (source: du lich gia re)

Toul Sleng museum is popular in Cambodia. This is also known as S21. Whomever wants to discover Cambodia history, Toul Sleng is a must-visit place in their Cambodia itinerary.

cambodia itinerary: toul tom pong market

Russian Market in Cambodia itinerary

Toul Tom Pong is a Russia market in Cambodia. You can find all kinds of clothes, shoes, products in this area. Many cheap beautiful souvenirs can also be found. Hundreds of artful pictures are on display and on sales! Jewelries and necklaces are also beautiful small gifts for girls.This is one of the best things to do in Cambodia.


These are important tips to help you enjoy your tour in Cambodia. The more you prepare, the greater your tour is!

  • Show good adtitude to Cambodia women.
  • You can put your hand together in front of your chest and head down to greet Cambodian.

Way to greet in your Cambodia itinerary ( source: Pinterest)

  • Wearing carefully when visiting temples and pagodas. 
  • Ask for allowance when taking photos.
  • Do not walk inside Cambodia houses with your shoes
  • Prepare a small gift to give the host when you come to a party or meals.
  • Please do not touch any monks if you are women.
  • Do not touch Cambodia heads

Now with all your basic information, you can have a great preparation for your Cambodia itinerary. Well, best time to visit this Asia country is now and will you take this chance? Let us be your partner and together discover Cambodia, ok?

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