9 Breath-taking waterfalls in Vietnam

Vietnam has been well known in the world of traveler for it authentic and exotic culinary, deep-rooted culture and breath-taking landscape. It would be a miss if we don’t mention about spectacular Vietnam waterfalls. These following 9 waterfalls in Vietnam can be a short-list for you to consider. Grab a bag, then jump into a journey for this summer!

The advantage of long and curvy coastal lines of Vietnam blesses the nation with beautiful beaches along the S-shaped land. Not only that, the unique geographical structure together with several tropical forest of the land has resulted in its breath-taking waterfalls. Have a look at these below 9 and define your own favorite for your upcoming trip.

#1- Pongour waterfall (Seven-level waterfall)

This waterfall is located in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, it is near Da Lat city. This is one of the most beautiful falls in Vietnam. The water falls from the height 40m, prevented by 7 levels os stones below which create such an amazing and unique scene to witness. Around the fall, there is a system of pure jungle with various kinds of flora and fauna.

Especially on the occasion of the 15th of Lunar July annually, people flee to the fall to participate in the local festival.

#2 – Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall is ranked as the 4th largest fall in the world. It is located at Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. It includes 2 part: The High fall in the south with not much amount of water, the Low fall in the north lying between the border of Vietnam and China.

The Low fall is 100 meters wide, 70 meters high and 60 meters deep. In the middle of the fall there is small dune covered by trees, which devides the fall into 3 main flows. From high up above, the fall is just like a pure white silk flying among the greenery landscape in a faraway wonderland.

#3 – Tac Tinh waterfall

Tac Tinh waterfall belongs to Lai Chau province, is one of the most attractive travel destinations of the region to both domestic and international visitors. To come here, you have to pass a rough and dangerous 150-meter-long road. Yet the result will please you.

There is a sad romance behind the fall. Once upon a time, in a Dao community of the land, there is a beautiful girl name Blossoming Orchid (No Lan). She fell in love with a poor guy with a talent in playing the flute. They fell in love with each other so deep, day by day together, wishing a day of happy marriage come soon. However, life is not what we expected.

The reputation about the beauty of Blossoming Orchid has spread all over the region. There was a guy coming from a rich family name Tao Ban also had interest in her, so he made a proposal. Father of the girl accepted it due to his greed and ambition.

Blossoming Orchid overheard the plan, she neglected herself for days to oppose her father. Her father knew her story with the flute guy, then he consist on dividing the birds.

Hopeless with her father, and also hopeless with her love, Blossoming Orchid killed herself by jumping to the strong water flow of the fall, with the only hope to keep her pure love for good.

The flute guy when realizing Blossoming Orchid went suicide, he rushed to the fall but it was not in time anymore. He was so hurtful that he decided to end his life with her, in the fall as well, where they had many beautiful memories.

People name the fall as Tac Tinh – “Carving the love” as they want to memorize about the couple.

#4 – Thuy Tien waterfall (3-level waterfall)

Thuy Tien waterfall is located at Ea Puk commune, Kong Nang district, Dak Lak province. Among many popular waterfalls in the province, this fall is compared to a poetry and picturesque oil-painting.

The fall has 3 levels of water, combining with magnificent view of highland landscape, stones with unique shapes and crossed roots of jungle trees which amazes any visitors.

Thr first water level of the fall is narrow, containing up and down steps with considerable slope. The second is spreading wide with many stone steps. The third one is the highest one, water from it falls and waves to the bottom so beautifully, just like a cloud in a blue sky.

#5- Voi waterfall (Elephant waterfall)

It is called Elephant because there are many stones in the fall of which shapes are like an elephant. Especially the roaring sound of the fall when water falls down and flow through stones is like the roar of the jungle. You can hear that appealing sound when you even don’t reach the fall yet.

From high view, Elephant waterfall is like a skillful dancer being immersed into her moves.

#6 – Silver waterfall

Silver waterfall belongs to San Sa Ho commune, Sapa, Lao Cai province, 12km away from Sapa town so it is really convenient for visitor to reach when visiting the well-known town of Vietnam

The fall is 200 meter high. The flow is strong and refreshing. From a high view, the fall is like a flow of white blossoming bauhinia variegate.

#7 – Bao Dai waterfall

Named after the last king of Vietnam in feudalism time, the fall is getting stronger and stronger time after time in it flow. The flow is divided into 3 main flows, making a an instinct sound in the middle of jungle.

When dust arises, early sunrays run through water bubbles, making the fall look like a magical canvas with gorgeous and pure rainbow.

#7 – Yang Bay waterfall

Yang Bay waterfall is located in Khanh Phu commune, Khanh Vinh district, Nha Trang city. It is considered to be the most interesting fall in Vietnam because there is a special feature of the fall: There are 2 flows of water but one is hot, one is cold. Well, if you need a serious sauna, or just leisurely relax below the flow of the fall, it has all for you. Just kidding, the heat of the fall is not that much!

#8 – May waterfall (Cloud waterfall)

If anyone loves a waterfall with romantic legendary stories, then please come by May waterfall in Thach Lam commune, Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province.

There was a legendary story about the fall. Times ago there were 9 beautiful fairies. One day, when they are wandering on the sky, they see a gorgeous fall in the land. Without hesitation, they decide to visit and also bath here due to the transparent and pure water of the fall. Suddenly, there is a request from their father demanding them to come back to the sky. Due to rush, they left their footprints there which are nowadays 9 levels of the fall. Local people believe that if any couple takes a bath here together, their love will last for good and they will have a happy marriage ever after. Such an appealing fall, isn’t it? Then next time bring your beloved one to Cloud fall, won’t you?


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