12 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam 2019

If you are planning to visit Vietnam this 2019, these places should be on top of your bucket list. Each month, there is a destination that according to us, is the best place that you simply never should miss during your travel here.

If you are looking for more places to visit Vietnam in 2019 and see what is weather like in Vietnam then see our Vietnam Travel Guide in each month: 

1. January: Da Lat – Cherry blossom is popping out everywhere welcoming the spring

Dalat is one off the best alternatives in Vietnam: the weather is spring-like instead of tropical hot, the town is dotted with elegant French-colonial villas rather than stark socialist architecture, and the surrounding farms cultivate strawberries, coffee and flowers in place of rice.

Da Lat has become familiar with the name “the city of cherry blossom”. The exactly biological name of this flower is prunus cerasoides blossom. Each spring, these glowing pink flowers which are typical for the temperate highland cover every area of Da Lat, dyeing the city in pink. In late January to early February, it’s time for Tet, traditional New Year of Vietnam, which is also the time for all kinds of flowers and for the local people to hold the flowers festivals with many interesting activities. Pinkish white prunus cerasoides blossoms are bringing about dreamlike scenes across the city which will be a favorable condition for the city to hold the prunus cerasoides blossom festival in late January.

Da Lat in january
Da Lat in January

Who would believe that this picture was taken in Da Lat in January as it looks just like a dreamy street in Japan?

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2. February: Ho Chi Minh City – Lantern Festival (Tet Nguyen Tieu)

Vietnamese traditional New Year usually falls in late January or early February and spans for 3 most important days. Then comes Tet Nguyen Tieu – The First Full Moon of the New Year thought to be one of the most important festivals in Vietnam with the full Moon. Tet Nguyen Tieu in Vietnam currently depends much on Buddhism and lives apart from China’s festivals. Therefore, on 15th of the first lunar month, Vietnamese people often go to the pagodas to pray for the best things for their loved ones. Meanwhile, others will eat vegetarian food in these days for the purposes of peace and luck. This is one of the most important Vietnamese festivals widely held nationwide, but Cho Lon in Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City) might be the most fascinating place during Tet Nguyen Tieu. This festival is celebrated hugely and marvelously, roads and streets are full of street food which symbolizes for “reunion” in the occasion. You might not want to miss such an experience!

tet nguyen tieu in Sai Gon
Tet Nguyen Tieu in Sai Gon

A corner of Tet Nguyen Tieu organized in the late February in Sai Gon.

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3. March: Moc Chau – “Ban” flowers cover all the hills and ranges of mountains in white

This special type of flowers is popular and is typical for the North-West regions of Vietnam. Its exactly biological name is “bauhinia variegata”. In March, it’s time when the plum and peach flower seasons come to an end. The light rain of the spring makes “ban” flowers blossom, and Moc Chau is the most beautiful and mesmerizing land of the wonderful ones where you can find the most graceful “ban” fields. Besides the hoa ban blossom, when coming to Moc Chau, you can join Het Cha Festival of the Thai people – an annual event hold on the 23rd – 26th March.


Glamour Thai girls under “the snow” of “ban” flowers.

4. April: Da Nang & Hoi An – Fireworks Festival

Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF 2019) with the theme “Legends of Bridges” will take place from this April. It is one of the Asia’s biggest fireworks festivals, and with its many activities, the DIFF will make Da Nang a vibrant city during the summer of 2019.

Da Nang fireworks festival
Da Nang fireworks festival

Along the banks of Han river – where the competition was held last year.

Since you’re in Da Nang, visit Ba Na Hills to see the Golden Bridge with two giant stone hands: 


Coming to Da Nang, you can also take a small trip to the ancient town of Hoi An, which is only less than 30km apart. This beautiful town of colorful lanterns will promisingly give you an unforgettable experience.

Hoi An 2018
Hoi An 2018

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5. May: Ninh Binh – Ripened rice season

Located at the edge of the Red River Delta, Trang An is a rare place where long-standing rice cultivation still maintains. Travel about only two hours by car from Hanoi, this is a must-visit place where the bright green paddies turn yellow gradually. Only planted in a fifth-month crop, rice plant here is ripened quickly especially in late May.

Ninh Binh in may
Ninh Binh in may

Take an excursion on boat through the vast rice fields and enjoy the best experience it offers. 

This ancient capital of Vietnam embraces as well a lot of beautiful spots which attract millions of tourists every season of the year. But if you take a visit in Ninh Binh this May, the golden paddies twinkling under the sunshine would be the most scenic experience you could have in Vietnam. You may get a little lost in the scenes, as the real one will be exactly the same as in the photos here.


6. June – Con Dao Island

Under the heat of summer, an island with endless white sandy beaches must be in the top choice. Con Dao, used to be called “Devil’s Island of Indochina”, owns a complicated beauty. Besides enjoying the beaches and the wildlife in the National park, you can visit as well Con Dao prison to experience more about Vietnamese history. Furthermore, fresh and delicious seafood is one special thing drawing the foreigners pristine and mysterious island. The most interesting thing is that visitors arriving on Con Dao Island in June have the opportunity to experience turtles laying eggs and baby turtles hatching as this is their nesting season. This can be considered as the highlight of the tour here.

Con Dao island in june
Con Dao island in june

White turtle eggs are carefully placed into the hole.

Turtle Conservation in Con Dao Island Vietnam

Turtle Conservation in Con Dao Island VietnamDuring breeding season, from May to October, the conversation’s forest rangers are worked to capacity, day and night, protecting the sea turtle eggs buried across the beach.

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7. July: Mekong Delta- Fruits season

Mekong Delta is known as the ‘rice bowl’ of Vietnam, the delta is carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens. It’s a water world that moves to the rhythms of the mighty Mekong, where boats, houses and markets float upon the innumerable rivers, canals and streams that criss-cross the landscape like arteries.

The weather in Mekong Delta is tropical and monsoonal with two seasons: rainy, from May to November; and dry, from December to April. In July, the showers can come suddenly and heavy, but quickly go and leave the sky bright again. This can be considered the most suitable time of the year to visit Mekong Delta as you can get to see the famous Cai Rang floating market and enjoy hand picking fruits from luxuriant gardens. Summer is the blooming season of all kinds of fruits in Southern Vietnam

Can Tho float market
Can Tho float market

Floating market in Can Tho with numerous kinds of fruits.

8. August: Nha Trang – The promising season of the sea

Nha Trang, capital of Khanh Hoa province, is Vietnam’s most famous seaside resort-town and its most prominent scuba diving destination. Nha Trang is also known for the best weather in August with beautiful mountains and an amazing, long white sandy beach along a bay impressively dotted with many scenic islands. It offers plenty to tourists – from island-hopping boat trips, scuba diving and many other water sports, trekking, mudbaths, historic sites to golf. Besides, Nha Trang is famous for its gastronomy such as fresh seafood and barbecued pork rolled in rice paper, the swallow’s nest soup.

Nha Trang's beaches in august
Nha Trang’s beaches in august

Late afternoon along the long sandy beach of Nha Trang in the summer.

9. September: Hanoi – “Com” season

Hanoi has always been on top of the bucket list when traveling to Vietnam. However, in September, this can be the highlight of your travel. Visiting Hanoi by the beginning of September, tourists not only can enjoy the scent of alstonia (a very typical flower for fall in Hanoi) but also can have a chance to try “com”, one of the most favorite gifts during this season. “Com” is green rice flakes or grilled rice made from unripe sticky rice. Though “com” can be found in many places even vendors in Hanoi, Vong village is still famous for the legend and tradition of “com” making.

Green sticky rice or “cốm” in the tenderness of Hanoi’s autumn.

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10. October: Phu Quoc – Sunshine paradise

Located in the southern province of Kien Giang, Phu Quoc Island is a large tropical island off the coast of Vietnam. Attracting millions of tourists all year around, October is the most suitable month to visit this gem island as in this time of the year, Phu Quoc receives the most suitable and comfortable amount of sunshine. For those who love the white sandy beaches with long green rows of coconut trees, this place is a must-visit. There’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying various water activities or simply chilling in the sun in such nice weather!

Phu Quoc travel in october
Phu Quoc travel in october

Phu Quoc beach from above.

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11. November: Ha Giang – Land of buckwheat flowers

In Ha Giang, these pink and white flowers paint such a serene picture of the mountainside – simple yet so beautiful. Modest but charming, buckwheat is harmonious with the green color of the forest and the grey color of the mountains which altogether creates an endless source of inspiration for art enthusiasts. But the most profound and beautiful feature of the flower is its meaning – slender in shape but full of energy and beauty, always overcoming the fierce challenges of nature. Every year, in November, a buckwheat flower festival, which features art performances and displays of buckwheat flower products (such as bouquets, cakes and other dishes, paintings and art, etc.) is held in order to celebrate the blossoming of these iconic flowers in Dong Van District in Ha Giang Province. This annual festival has been bewitching flower lovers, couples as well as photography enthusiasts year after year.

Ha Giang in november

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12. December: Sapa – Winter festival

Sapa has always been an attractive destination to any traveller to Vietnam. Especially in winter, when the temperature can reach under zero degree, it’s amazing time to climb the Mount Fansipan, “the Roof of Indochina”. Accordingly, many attractive activities will take place in the framework of Sa Pa Winter Festival annually, such as traditional music and dance performances; folk games; recreation of traditional wedding of Red Dao ethnic people; photo exhibition on SaPa’s snow; display of traditional ethnic costumes, local agricultural products and cuisine; especially, artificial snow space and reindeer sleigh ride model, etc. Sa Pa Winter Festival, which were held since 2016, aims to create new tourism product as well as bring the opportunity for visitors to experience Sa Pa’s winter. The festival also contributes to introducing and promoting the tourism potentials and strengths, the beauty of people and culture of Sa Pa and also Lao Cai Province to numerous domestic and international visitors.

Sapa's winter festival
Sapa’s winter festival

Winter festival 2017 was held in Sapa.

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12 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam 2019
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