5 Best places to visit in Vietnam in May

Summer’s coming and you’re still wondering where the next destinations would be on your bucket list? I say there’s no doubt that it’d be Vietnam. Here we are, listing the top 5 best places to visit in Vietnam in May. Keep the faith and read till the end, you wouldn’t miss out on a chance to see the greatest scenes in the nicest weather of the year!

Vietnam Weather in May

Vietnam typical May’s weather seems to be the most comfortable all around the year. It’s just the beginning of summer in the Northern part of Vietnam which sees only a mild rise in temperature to about 32 Celcius degrees. Meanwhile, the central and Southern provinces are having the dry season and will not have many downpours until the end of the month, which luckily means we will have no storm. It seems to have no reason to refuse a trip to Vietnam as the climate here is too perfect to travel. Load up on water and light clothes if you head to Vietnam in May.

Vietnam’s best places to visit in May

  1. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai

From the North to the South, the very first place to mention is nothing but Mu Cang Chai.

Havenly natural Mu Cang Chai under the mild sun of May

Havenly natural Mu Cang Chai under the mild sun of May 

Located nearly 300km in the mountainous northeastern region of Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai in May welcomes you with a new crop of rice. All the fields here are terrace fields, which means the water supplement from the top of the terrace is extremely necessary. This time witnesses the formation of the “falling water season” when the water is running from the top to the bottom of the field. Also, when spring arrives, rainwater pours into the terraced fields. Together, people call this period the watering season, the best time to go sight-seeing around the year.

People working in the early morning

People working in the early morning on the majestically green terrace fields.


If you are into nature and photography, as well as interested in the hill-tribe culture, you should never miss out on Mu Cang Chai. Take a visit here and you’ll find yourself immersed in the breathtaking landscapes whilst the local people are engrossed in working on their fields.

  1. Ninh Binh

If it’s only the beginning of new crop in Mu Cang Chai, then in Ninh Binh, it’s already ripened rice season, as the rice fields constantly change their colors.

Peaceful Ninh Binh in May

Peaceful Ninh Binh in May.


Located at the edge of the Red River Delta, Trang An is a rare place where long-standing rice cultivation still maintains. Travel about only two hours by car from Hanoi, this is a must-visit place where the bright green paddies turn yellow gradually. Only planted in a fifth-month crop, rice plant here is ripened quickly especially in late May.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Take an excursion on boat through the vast rice fields and enjoy the best experience it offers.                                                                                                 

This ancient capital of Vietnam embraces as well a lot of beautiful spots which attract millions of tourists every season of the year. But if you visit Ninh Binh this May, the golden paddies twinkling under the sunshine would be the most scenic experience you could have in Vietnam. You may get a little lost in the scenes, as the real one will be exactly the same as in the photos here.

  1. Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa

How wonderful it is to visit Vietnam in May when you can enjoy the  full process of a rice crop only in one month. After the ripened rice season, Pu Luong is the best place to be visited next in your itinerary. Only four-hour drive from Hanoi, this is the most stunning panoramic views during the rice harvest season.

Pu Luong golden carpet in a luring sunlight May morning

Pu Luong golden carpet in a luring sunlight May morning.

Being called “the land of warm hearts”, Pu Luong has become familiar in the memory of many backpackers with the images of serene villages, fields and off-road after rain. Besides the yellow carpet and the image of hard-working local people, Pu Luong provides as well a refreshing escape from the crowds with magnificent mountain ranges, scenic rivers and waterfalls, etc. This is also a good chance to have an insight into the long-standing agriculture of Vietnam.

  1. Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong

Get a little away from the mountainous area, Cat Ba is one of the best island to welcome this summer. Maintaining the dramatic and rugged features of Ha Long , Cat Ba has experienced a tourism surge in recent years. May is a great month which offers visitors the best weather of the year, neither too hot to get exhausted, nor to cold to swim. The air is fresh bringing along the comfortable sea breezy, just perfect for those who are in need of vitamin C.

The caves in Cat Ba

The caves in Cat Ba are considered the legendary Dragon’s germs.

Besides enjoying the long sandy beaches and magnificient caves, you can as well visit Monkey Island and Cat Ba National Park, go kayaking, try scuba diving to see the coral reefs and climb the mountains. If you fancy delicous seafoods, a barbecue night on the beach near the colourful cottages is highly recommended.

Cosy BBQ night in the breathe of the sea

Cosy BBQ night in the breathe of the sea.

  1. Nha Trang

Located on the south central coast of Vietnam, this most popular seaside town is a highlight for the best places to visit. Being considered as the pearl of the ocean queen’s crown,  Nha Trang offers a marvelous scene and excellent services. What a real relaxing place for days without any complain

Unique twin beach only in Nha Trang

Unique twin beach only in Nha Trang.

May gives us a comfortably cool weather and the white sandy beaches are at their tranquil time with peacefully calm waves. Besides the beauty, Nha Trang provides a rich variety of tourist activities for visitors. Island hopping, scuba diving, flyboarding, water skiing and other sporting activities can be enjoyed in the city. The local cuisine is well-known for fresh seafoods, barbecued pork rolled in rice paper and the best area’s bird’s nest soup throughout Vietnam.

Parasailing is one of must try water sports in Nha Trang

Parasailing is one of must try water sports in Nha Trang.


Have you felt the summer vibes yet? If you’re still wondering, let’s Asianwaytravel.com help you create the most suitable and memorable trip this May!

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