10 Most Ideal Places in Vietnam for a Family Holiday

It’s always a good idea to have a family trip to share new experiences with your loved ones. With beautiful landscapes and richness in culture, a trip to Vietnam for families would be a wonderful memory, especially when you travel with kids. Here are our suggestions for 10 best destinations for a Vietnam family holiday that you are highly recommended to follow.


There’re millions of tourists attractions in Vietnam which meet different requirements of diverse types of travelers. Some may seek for mesmerizing adventures, some may be interested in cuisine culture, etc. These 10 best destinations for a trip to Vietnam for families are prone to give tourists relaxing moments, which are friendly to both children and seniors. For the whole family, these can be the most appropriate destinations throughout Vietnam.


Top 10 destinations in Vietnam for Families

1. Ho Chi Minh City

vietnam with children
The Crescent Walk & Ho Ban Nguyet Park, the crown jewel of District 7 of Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh city).

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is the biggest and most modern city located in the South of Vietnam where you’ll find many best destinations suitable for children, adults and old people. There are cultural places, historical spots as well as many entertaining centers and open spaces.

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The must-visit list of destinations in Ho Chi Minh includes:

  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  • Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Gia Long Palace
  • Saigon Opera House
  • Tao Dan Park
  • A O Show Saigon
  • Suoi Tien Park

vietnam with kids

Things to do with kids in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Take a food tour in Saigon is a good idea as it offers tourists a variety of tasty street food such as banh khot, banh tam bi, banh da cua. With vendors selling specialty dishes daily on every street corner, you don’t stay hungry for long in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Learn how to cook some of the best Vietnamese traditional dishes.
  • Enjoy your time at the water parks, your kids will love it.
  • Visit Ben Thanh Market after dark
best place to visit in vietnam with family
Blue skies and woolgathering white clouds, commonly seen from December to April, make a stunning backdrop for the Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels

Close to Ho Chi Minh City, this is the second destination recommended. With a distance of only about 60km, Cu Chi Tunnels is considered a heroic district for its role during the American war in Vietnam.

The legendary for its network of tunnels extending over 220km can get the attention of those interested in history, especially adults and old people. Furthermore, there’s delicious manioc, the main food for guerilla-warriors in Cu Chi during the war. This place is definitely a worthy destination for a Vietnam family vacation.

vietnam for families
Understanding history, experiencing feelings in the tunnels, shooting guns and enjoying local food will bring you an exciting day in Cu Chi Tunnels.

3. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta, located in the Southwestern region of Vietnam, offers tourists a wide range of different tropical fruits ready to be harvested in the orchards as well as beautiful gardens full of flowering bonsai trees. This is such an amazing destination as it attracts people of all ages, and the kids are no exception. Mekong Delta is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam with family.

best places in vietnam for families

Nobody can deny the best chance to absolutely enjoy the activities and excursions overview here. Taking a mesmerizing cruise through the amazing floating markets of Cai Rang, riding the bike through small local villages and visiting fishing farms are highly recommended.

vietnam family holidays
A corner of the floating market with its abundance of fruits and vegetables in Mekong Delta.

Best places to visit in the Mekong Delta with kids:

  • Can Tho – Cai Rang Floating Market
  • Cai Be – Cai Be Floating Market
  • Ben Tre
  • Sa Dec – Flower Village
best family holiday destinations vietnam
Photo: Zing

Things to do in Mekong Delta with kids:

  • Homestay at a garden house
  • Boat trip to a floating market 
  • Visit a fruit garden in Mekong Delta to enjoy the freshness of local fruits
  • Visit local factories or handicrafts villages
  • Enjoy the beautiful sight at Sa Dec flower village
  • Try local delicacies 

4. Nha Trang

Nha Trang, located on the south central coast of Vietnam, is considered as the pearl of the ocean queen’s crown. Such beaches full of sunshine and fresh tasty seafood and famous bird’s nest soup are indispensable destinations in any family trip. Nha Trang also has some of the best family resorts for families.

Nha Trang's endless pristine coast in the lights of night.
Nha Trang’s endless pristine coast in the lights of night.

Nha Trang offers endless white sandy beaches with peacefully calm waves. Besides, it provides visitors loads of tourist activities, suitable for both adults and children. Island hopping, scuba diving, flyboarding, water skiing, and other sporting activities can be enjoyed in the city.

Things to do in Nha Trang with kids:

  • Enjoy the blue waves and white sandy beach of Nha Trang. The beaches and islands in Nha Trang have the perfect condition for your kids to have fun.
  • Boat trip to visit Nha Trang’s best islands
  • Your kids can enjoy some easy water games like the banana ride…
  • Shopping in Nha Trang at night would also be fun

5. Hoi An

Move a little up to the central part of Vietnam, the first of the best destinations to be mentioned is Hoi An. This ancient town can be a good place to enjoy a tranquil moment in Vietnam for families.

It’s suggested that you visit the tailors, the beaches and temples, go shopping and of course take a food tour around the old town. A boat cruise along Thu Bon river at night to enjoy the brightly colorful floating lanterns is a nice experience one should gain in Hoi An. Especially, each family in the old quarter holds a lantern in front of their home to celebrate the full moon every month on the 15th day in the lunar calendar. This is children’s most interesting and worth-waiting activity.

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vietnam for families
Photo: herlifeandloves

6. Da Nang

Only 30km from Hoi An, Da Nang should be the next destination in your Vietnam family holiday. Da Nang provides tourists the most pristine beaches and beautiful sights. 

A photo from a flycam of Ba Na Hills - your road to heavenly scenery.
A photo from a flycam of Ba Na Hills – your road to heavenly scenery.

Ideas for where to take kids to in Da Nang:

  • There are cultural museums and serene pagodas where the old people may like to visit.
  • Meanwhile, for children seeking entertainment, there are as well many amusement parks.
  • A family trip shouldn’t miss these must-visit places such as Dragon bridge, Champa museum, Linh Ung Pagoda, My Khe beach, Non-Nuoc Beach and Han river bridge.
  • Besides, Bana Hill and Asia Park offer the greatest entertainment as well.
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7. Hue

The next best destination of this central land of Vietnam to be recommended is Hue, a center of historical and cultural value.

Hue is the place of many amazing places to visit including the Citadel, Forbidden Purple City, Thien Mu Pagoda, Dong Ba Market, Long An Palace Museum, Tombs of the Emperors.

At night, a boat cruise along the poetic Perfume river listening to the traditional music of Vietnam can give you and your loved ones the best experience you can never have elsewhere.

Besides, Hue’s food culture is something of special and unique that may get your children mouthwatering. Mussel rice, Hue beef noodle, spring roll with grilled pork, Hue lemongrass skewers, lotus seeds sweet soup are among the most delicious dishes in Hue.

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8. Hanoi

Leaving the ancient capital with the antique tracks, it’s time to move up North to our busy hectic capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. We all do know this is such a fabulous and must-not-miss destination for a family trip, which is suitable for tourists of any ages.

Hang Ma in Mid-autumn festival
Hanoi in Mid-autumn festival – the festival of children

Ideas for where to take your kids to in Hanoi:

  • It would be amazing for you just to peacefully take a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and the nearby street in the ancient town.
  • The Old Quarter, as well as the French Quarter, can be amazing with beautiful and cultural spots. Especially, the thing you must not miss is the diversity of specialties which is popularly called street food culture of Hanoi.
  • It is also highly recommended that you visit some famous spots a little further from the city center. Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology are highly recommended.
  • Besides, don’t miss out on the entertainment centers and amusement parks which are widely distributed in the city.
Temple of Literature, the first university of Vietnam.
Temple of Literature, the first university of Vietnam.

9. Mai Chau

Mai Chau, which is about 140km to the Southwest of Hanoi, is a valley set in the stunningly beautiful and mountainous area. It is highly recommended that you and your family take a little escape from the touristy hubs and pristine beaches to explore a new type of travel. The unspoiled beauties of this mountainous are will not let you down.

vietnam for families

During the trip, you can go trekking or cycling to enjoy fruitfully the picturesque valleys and rice paddy terraces.

Some other activities suggested include visiting some alluring caves, some local villages and staying in some stilt houses to try the buffalo meat and traditional rice wine made by the friendly local people.

family holiday in vietnam
Pom Coong village in sunny day

What could be more cordial and meaningful? This is a chance for you to take an insight into the life of Vietnam’s indigenous ethnic minority groups as well.

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10. Ha Long Bay

best family holiday destinations vietnam
Ha Long Bay cruises under the sun in the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Ha Long Bay, located in the northeastern of Vietnam is a promising destination which will give you a different and special experience. It’s one of the best places in Vietnam for families.

Here, you can choose to have an overnight cruise and the itinerary of your cruise is differently arranged. However, all activities arranged by the cruise are on a shared basis and all are suitable for tourists from children to old people.

As a sight-seeing tour, there are usually some beautifully mysterious caves, fishing villages and limestone islands for you to discover such as Thien Canh Son cave, Vung Vieng village.

To be more active, travelers will be offered also kayaking and swimming excursions to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature here. The cruise includes as well many other activities on boat such as cooking class, yoga, karaoke or simply a night enjoying the tranquil view on the top of the boat.

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Tips for a better Vietnam Family Vacation

A family holiday to any country always needs a lot of preparation and carefulness than other types of trip, especially when you’re going with small children. Here are some tips to help your Vietnam family holiday even safer, more exciting and memorable.

  • If you’re traveling with infants, you should know that breastfeeding in Vietnam is totally okay. 
  • Major cities should be your bases on any family holiday Vietnam. In big cities, there are plenty of supplies for babies and small children.
  • Major cities also have playgrounds and activities that are suitable for kids.
  • Vietnamese people love children and kids, it’s safe to let your kids interact with local kids.
  • When visiting beaches, keep eyes on your kids and watch out for rip tides. Only visit beaches that have lifeguards and warning flags.
  • The traffic in Vietnam can be quite dangerous, so it’s best to avoid rush hours and watch out when crossing roads.
  • If your Vietnam family holiday takes place in the wet season in Vietnam, do your research to stay away from mountainous areas or areas that are affected by storms.

When is the Best time to take a trip to Vietnam For Families

Vietnam weather with three micro-climate makes this is an amazing destination to travel to all year round.

North of Vietnam has four distinctive seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Central of Vietnam has a distinctive weather pattern unlike North Vietnam’s. The dry season lasts from mid-January to late August with characteristics like hot and dry weather, the temperature reaching to mid-30 Celsius degrees.

The climate of South Vietnam splits into two opposite seasons, wet and dry. The dry season begins in November and ends in April or early May. From late February, it can be slightly hotter and more humid.

Vietnam with three micro-climate makes this is an amazing destination to travel to all year round.

So have you decided the best places to go to Vietnam for you and family? Don’t hesitate! Let our tailor give you a hand in creating the best and most meaningful Vietnam family trip for you and your loved ones by sending your email to booking@asianwaytravel.com

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